What causes nausea? What are the symptoms of nausea? What is good for nausea?

Nausea, which almost everyone experiences at one time or another, is an inconvenience, not a disease. We have compiled for you those who wonder about the nausea that occurs with the stomach muscles’ inability to digest the food taken and the desire to push it upwards. So what causes nausea? What are the symptoms of nausea? What is good for nausea? We have compiled for you what you wonder about nausea. Here is the answer to all the questions…

Severe contractions of the stomach due to various reasons is called nausea. This condition, which can be seen at any age, is sometimes among the most common symptoms of serious diseases. Nausea usually results in vomiting. As a result of severe contractions in the stomach, everything in it is thrown out of the body through the esophagus. Nausea caused by different stimulants adversely affects not only the stomach, but also the esophagus, throat, heart and salivary glands. Since the stomach cannot send what it wants to be thrown to the intestines, it takes it out through the mouth. As this happens frequently, it can cause esophageal cancer. Since nausea usually triggers the problem of vomiting, nerve fluctuations are signaled to the brain. The brain stimulates the stomach with the signals it receives, allowing the muscles to throw up the nutrients quickly. However, this process is not so easy. It causes negative effects up to the diaphragm and vocal cords.

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Different branches such as gastroenterology, internal medicine, gynecology, psychiatry, neurology, ENT deal with nausea that develops due to many reasons.

Infectious viruses that develop in the intestine and stomach

Food poisoning

– Common brain diseases, namely vertigo and migraine,

Attached to vehicles such as cars, planes, and trains

mental depressions

Diseases resulting from brain damage


imbalance of blood

In addition, nausea, which is the harbinger of serious diseases, is called organic nausea.

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High fever

unevenly changing body temperature

pain in muscles and bones

vision problems

Forgetfulness and severe diarrhea

Symptoms such as heart rhythm disorder, which develops due to irregular breathing, can also be a harbinger of disease.

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Taking deep breaths in a clean environment and walking in the open air,

Deeply inhaling herbs such as mint, basil or basil

Lying motionless for 30 minutes to relieve nausea due to dizziness,

While drinking herbal teas, take care to drink slowly.

For reflux-related nausea, a 40-minute walk is good.

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Boil a glass of water in a medium sized coffee pot, then add mint to the boiling water and let it brew for 5 minutes. Drink a glass during nausea.

– Add thyme in powder form to a glass of boiling water, then you can consume it by squeezing lemon into it.

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