What causes narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms

Self-love, which is present in almost everyone in the society, but reaches the level of a disease because it is high in some, turns into a dangerous mental illness in the future. It is a health problem to be overly self-righteous and look ugly to the people around them. What causes narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms

Everyone has encountered these people at some point in their life. Narcissism is one of the diseases that is seen as egoism, but when it goes down to the spiritual dimension, it is actually a personality disorder. The narcissistic person is overly self-indulgent and self-loving. This may seem like a normal situation at first glance. However, experts emphasize that there is a serious health problem that will activate even the instinct of being a murderer in the inner dimension. Narcissistic people see everyone as small, contemptible and ugly except themselves. These people also try to force their own ideas and thoughts to be accepted. This abnormal situation leads to his exclusion from society.

  • The narcissistic person loves himself the most. Does not accept criticism and different ideas.
  • He constantly looks after himself. They don’t know what other people cook.
  • Their admiration for themselves is on an obsessive level.
  • They don’t get along easily with anyone.
  • Family, friendship and love relationships last quite a short time.

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The historical adventure of the disease is based on Greek mythology. This personality emerges after a person named Ekho loses the person he loves, shuts himself down in a room and stays on his own for months. Ekho, who only looks at himself in the mirror, does not want anyone around him. He spends hours talking to himself in front of the mirror wearing fancy clothes. He doesn’t even drink water from anyone’s hand. Experts have called the people who exhibit these symptoms on this myth in the books narcissists. The exact cause is unknown. However, as in every mental disorder, it occurs as a result of negative situations that the person places in his subconscious, as mental and personality disorders. Family problems, not being loved enough, being constantly ostracized or, on the contrary, being praised all the time, acting as if someone is different, and raising a baby rose by hand, according to the popular expression, can also lead to this problem. Today, the incidence of this disease in social media phenomena has increased.

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– Constantly seeking appreciation.

– Seeing themselves as different and superior.

– Being insensitive to the problems around them

– Insisting on not accepting the truth even when it is unfair

– Thinking that others are jealous of him with everything

– Using the people around him for his own gain

– Acting knowingly by displaying an arrogant attitude

– Bringing himself to the fore in every event

– Applying until the lie

– The most obvious symptom is harming people he considers superior.

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First of all, the person must admit that he is sick. For this, specialists get therapy by going down to the underlying cause. It is recommended to look at the lives of different people by putting them in crowded places. There is no drug treatment. Various methods are used to make the person sensitive to society. However, the most important thing is that the person must accept that he is sick and wants to be treated.

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