What causes migraine?

Migraine headache is considered to be a hereditary disease, but the responsible genes have not been identified yet. Environmental factors; Stress, air pollution, depression, insomnia, nutritional disorders, frequent and close use of screens emitting extremely bright and flickering light can also trigger migraine. Nurettin Varolgüneş and Neurology Specialist Dr. From Emel Gökmen Causes of migraine…

migren agrisi migren nedenleri bas agrisi goz agrisi

The goal in professional treatment of migraine is to reduce pain triggering factors, reduce sensitivity in the nervous system and The basic treatment in migraine treatment, which is to suppress the events in and around the vein that occurs during pain, is divided into two as preventive and acute attack treatment. However, preventing migraine before it occurs and staying away from triggers are among the factors that the patient should pay attention to during migraine treatment. Here are the triggers of migraine attacks!

Causes of migraine attack

  • Altitude changes, air travels
  • Air pollution, cigarette smoke
  • Extremely bright light or flickering light
  • Loud and continuous noise
  • Perfume odor, other strong odors and chemicals
  • Sudden changes in weather; changes in pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Lodos
  • Seasonal changes (autumn and spring are the months when attacks are more frequent)
  • Long lasting hunger, little or no sleep, sleep disorders
  • Hormonal changes, birth control pills, menstrual period
  • Some foods and beverages such as chocolate, nuts, fermented beverages such as wine (it is possible to extend the food list further, but the food that increases migraine pain in each patient may be different)

“The important thing is that the person finds and discovers the food that triggers their pain,” said Neurology Specialist Dr. Nurettin Varolgüneş said, “Before concluding that important foods in our diet trigger migraine, these foods should be tried repeatedly by the person to be sure.”

Migraine affects women more

Due to their nature, women are affected by environmental factors more quickly and more, which increases the risk of migraine. Migraine attacks are rare in menopausal women. Although migraine attacks decrease mostly between the 3rd and 9th months of pregnancy, there may be an increase in migraine attacks in some pregnant women from time to time.

noroloji uzmani dr emel gokmen Neurology Specialist Dr. Emel Gökmen, on the other hand, states that in addition to all these reasons, some health problems that the person ignores and postpones in his daily life can trigger migraine pain or that a past disease paves the way for migraine formation.

To give an example, regular from childhood Causes of migraine
– Caries in teeth
– Problems of wisdom teeth
– Clenching
– Inflammation of the throat as a child
– The damage that cesarean section can cause to the body’s electrical system

Is migraine genetic?

Neurology Specialist Dr. Emel Gokmen,

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