What causes laryngitis? What are the symptoms of laryngitis? What is good for laryngitis?

The symptoms of laryngitis, one of the diseases increased by cold weather, began to be confused with the omicron variant. We have searched for you everything that is curious about laryngitis, which is one of the health problems that occur in the vocal cords. Laryngitis, which causes throat inflammation, can cause serious problems when it lasts for a long time. What causes laryngitis? What are the symptoms of laryngitis? What is good for laryngitis?

It is called laryngitis, which occurs as a result of inflammation or irritation of the larynx in the vocal cords in the larynx. Laryngitis can occur as a result of excessive exposure of the vocal cords to air. In addition, it prepares the ground for inflammation of the vocal cords in diseases such as flu or colds. As a result of breathing, air entering through the mouth and nose hits the vocal cords and causes sound. Therefore, it leaves an open space that prepares the ground for the rapid deterioration of these organs. Excessive smoking, acidic fluid coming into the throat due to reflux, upper respiratory tract infection caused by allergies and viruses cause laryngitis. Recently it has been confused with the omicron variant. However, laryngitis completely gives symptoms such as sore throat and hoarseness. There is no runny or stuffy nose in laryngitis.

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Confusing symptoms of laryngitis and omicron variant



Difficulty swallowing

Burning and pain in the throat

Wheezing sound when speaking and breathing

Weakness in the body due to low immunity

Cough from the media due to persistent dry throat

An increase in the body’s temperature during the fight against the virus

Feeling of a lump in the upper part of the throat

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laryngitis inflammation of the larynx


The situation in the throat is examined with an optical endoscope. With this, laryngitis due to the redness of the vocal cords and the surface of the larynx is detected. In addition to antibiotics, drugs that relieve edema are given. Anti-reflux medication is given to those with stomach ailments. In addition, experts recommend drinking plenty of water.

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laryngitis lemon is good


  • Warm water with lemon, which is a powerful germ killer, is one of the natural foods that are good for laryngitis.
  • Black pepper molasses mix also reduces the infection in the throat.
  • It is recommended to use apple cider vinegar mouthwash twice a day until the laryngitis and its effect wear off.
  • Chewing a clove of garlic neutralizes all bacteria in the mouth and throat
  • You can add cinnamon to the tea prepared from orange peels and consume it.
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon and a teaspoon of honey to warm water and drink it after your meal.

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