What causes kidney stones? How are the kidneys cleaned?

Today, one out of every 5 people gets kidney stone disease. So what causes kidney stones? What are the symptoms and is there a natural treatment? We have searched for you about kidney stones, which negatively affect the quality of life and cause severe pain. We also added a miracle mixture that cleans the kidneys to the details of the news.

Stones occur in the kidneys due to environmental factors, genetics, low water content and some foods. These stones, which are formed in different sizes, disrupt the flow of urine. It causes severe cramps and abdominal pain. This situation, which negatively affects the quality of life, causes serious problems if not intervened correctly and in a timely manner. Stones are formed when the remaining calcium and some mineral fragments in the kidney harden and come together. These stones cause pain when they are too large to pass into the bladder. In addition, the channels that are forced during urination also cause a painful flow of urine. Since the body temperature changes due to this situation, excessive sweating is experienced. The last resort of this disease, which shows symptoms immediately, is surgery. Since these stones, which occur in everyone from time to time, are small, they come out through the urinary tract. The patient does not notice this. However, when the stones coalesce and are not removed from the bladder channels, it manifests itself with pain.

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Pain that starts in the abdomen and makes it difficult for the person to stand

Burning pain during urination and little flow of urine even though there is a lot of urine

After a while, the pain spreads to the back, groin and lower abdomen.

Nausea and accompanying vomiting

– The urine is smelly and dark in color

– Experiencing a fever of 38 degrees and above

– Diarrhea when urinating

The most severe symptom is weakness.

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The most common stones are those formed due to calcium. This ailment is mostly seen in men between the ages of 23-30. It is formed by the combination of substances such as calcium, oxalate, phosphor. As the calcium in the kidney decreases, oxalate increases, which paves the way for the formation of stones.

Stones are formed with the increase of cystine in the urine. Cystine is formed due to the disease cystinuria. This is a genetic disorder.

Struvite is a type of mineral. It tends to accumulate in the kidney. This causes crystalline stones. Stones block the urinary tract.

Generally, uric acid stones are seen in patients after chemotherapy.

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80 percent of kidney stones are formed by the combination of calcium oxalate and phosphate crystals. The most effective food that prevents the formation of these crystals is lemon. Lemon breaks these crystals formed thanks to the citrate substance it contains, and also prevents new formation. Experts have shown in studies that lemon juice is more effective. It is emphasized that lemon, which is made by mixing mint lemon juice and water, is effective in this ailment. Mix 5 lemons, 6 leaves of mint and 3 glasses of water in the mixer. It is beneficial for kidney patients to consume a glass of this mixture every day.

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The water that the body needs during the day should be consumed. This is an average of 2.5 liters. Water, which is one of the effective methods for the functioning of kidney functions, is especially necessary for the functioning of the adrenal glands.

Calcium foods reduce oxalate levels. However, calcium should be consumed naturally, not with drugs. Calcium oxalate taken with drugs can cause accumulation of substance.

Sodium entering the body with salt is among the effective substances that cause stone formation. Therefore, avoid all foods, especially salt, in terms of sodium.

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