What causes itching? Itching is a sign of what diseases? How to deal with itching?

Itching occurs for a variety of reasons. Especially with the increase in temperatures, itching that increases with the bites of insects and flies can also bring some skin diseases. In addition, itching can be a precursor to some diseases. Mental illness is one of them. So what causes itching? Itching is a sign of what diseases? How to deal with itching?

According to research, a person itches up to 100 times a day for various reasons. Itching, which causes an uncomfortable condition, is called “pruritus” in medicine. This itching can lead to insomnia and mental illness. Itching is more common in dry skin than oily skin. This is because dry skin is more likely to increase irritation. It also occurs with an allergic reaction, insect and mosquito bites. Some external and internal parasites are also among the conditions that can cause itching. Some people wake up with severe itching, especially at night. Or, the next day, health problems such as burrs in the eyes, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes are experienced. This indicates that there are invisible external parasites in their bodies. In addition to all these, one of the side effects of drugs for fungi, anemia, diabetes, cancer and blood diseases is itching.

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– The desire to consume excessive water along with the discomfort and increasing itching at night may be a sign of both diabetes and parasites in the intestines.

– Increasing itching with a noticeable weight loss may be the cause of a hidden cancer disease. For this, it is beneficial for patients to see a specialist as soon as possible.

– The most common disease in constant itching is hormonal disorder, that is, overworking of the thyroid glands. Along with itching, hair loss or heart palpitations are also seen in the person.

Itching, accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia, change in urine color and burning in the eyes, is a symptom of stomach and liver diseases.

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Itching caused by microbes that settle in the area with the bite of insects such as bed bugs, ticks, fleas and spiders.

It is among the symptoms of skin problems such as psoriasis, scabies, lice, chicken pox, hives and eczema. When these diseases contain highly infected cells, they cause skin damage along with itching.

Itching is not only possible on the surface of the skin, but also due to internal body problems. Iron deficiency, thyroid, leukemia, kidney failure and liver diseases are among the conditions that cause itching.

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Deformation in nerve cells prepares the ground for itching.

As a result of the activation of immunity against some foods, the skin is damaged due to reaction. This causes problems such as itching and watering.

It is among the conditions that predispose to itching in chemical and cosmetic products.

In addition, some drugs, such as antibiotics, antifungals and narcotics, cause itching due to allergic reactions.

During pregnancy, some women may face the problem of itching, especially due to abdominal swelling.

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It is very difficult to diagnose the cause of itching, which can occur for many reasons. For the diagnosis of itching, a physical intervention is performed first. Then a blood test is done. It is checked whether it is caused by missing values ​​during the blood count. The functions of the liver and kidneys are also checked to see if there is an abnormal condition. All conditions that may cause itching are examined one by one.

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Hot water and pouch trigger itching. Avoid interfering with itching with hearsay information in public. Instead, you can apply cold water or ice compresses.

In addition, it is thought that pouring alcoholic cosmetics such as cologne during itching stops itching. However, since the cause of itching is not clear, such alcohol-containing substances may cause different health problems. Instead, add half a glass of lemon juice to half a glass of cold water and a clove of garlic at home and put it in a spray can. Keep it in the fridge for a day and spray it once or twice on the itchy area during such times.

Choose cotton clothes. Synthetic clothing attracts the air temperature more, causing sweating and itching to increase.

Increase water consumption, but reduce the number of clothes you wear while sweating.

Drizzle lavender or rosemary oils on the bed you will sleep in. You can also apply it to your body. Thanks to the acidic solutions they contain, it reduces itching.

Instead of fatty and carbonated foods, increase the consumption of foods such as tomatoes, cheese and watermelon. These foods strengthen immunity and prevent weakening of immunity and reduce the conditions that predispose to itching.

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