What causes ingrown nails and what are the symptoms? Natural ways that are good for ingrown nails…

Ingrown toenails, which is one of the health problems experienced by 70 percent of the society, is actually a disease that should not be neglected, although it is not serious. So what causes ingrown nails and what are the symptoms? Natural ways that are good for ingrown nails? We have searched for those who are curious about this health problem experienced in both hand and toe nails. In the details of the news, you can find those who are curious about ingrown nails.

The condition of the nail ingrowing into the flesh on the finger is called ingrown nails. This condition often occurs in the big toe. Although it seems like a health problem that can be treated at home, surgical operation is absolutely necessary for advanced patients. People with diabetes, atherosclerosis and poor circulation are more likely to experience ingrown nails. Also, ingrown nails; It can occur on any toe due to improper nail clipping, uncomfortable shoes, and hereditary causes. Ingrown toenails, which begin to manifest as redness and then swelling, cause serious health problems if not treated early.

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The difference between the nail and the area where it comes out

wearing small or tight-fitting shoes

cutting the nail down to the flesh

Nail sinking into the flesh after any blow

Improper nail care

Symptoms such as genetic problems cause stinging feet.

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Severe pain and redness where Batman is

Swelling and the flow of an inflamed fluid that develops due to it

Difficulty keeping feet on the ground

Whole body sensitization of pain

If the nail shows itself with symptoms such as irregular growth, it is useful to consult a specialist.



It is definitely useful to see a specialist for ingrown nails due to the disease. In the case of a severe wreck, the specialist doctor first tries to reduce the severity of the infection at the site of the wreck with various creams. Oral antibiotics are also administered. A tourniquet is placed on the nail root for ingrowns that require surgery. Special scissors and drawers are disinfected. The place where the wreck is is anesthetized. The nail is pulled from the root. In such cases, most people do not grow nails again. However, when it comes out, it comes out with a completely new texture. The area is covered with a bandage to prevent germs after the surgery.

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Thyme Juice

Thyme is one of the best seeds to help fight inflammation and infections. Put two tablespoons of thyme in the boiled water, then wait for it to brew. Put your feet in warm water and wait for 20 minutes. You can repeat this application 3 times during the day.

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Thanks to its antiseptic properties, lemon is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is also known that sea salt reduces the risk of infection. This is a natural method that provides one-to-one benefits to ingrown nails. Add sea salt to the squeezed lemon and pour warm water into it and mix. Then, with the help of a cotton pad, apply the mixture you have prepared to the area where the nail ingrown is.

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Onion, which is a natural solution to many diseases, is also good for ingrown nails. Boil a whole onion with its skins on, then pass it through a blender and mix until it reaches a creamy consistency. Apply it to the area where the nail is ingrown, cover it with a gauze cloth and wait for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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