What causes ingrown hair? What are the symptoms of ingrown hair? Is there a natural treatment for ingrown hairs?

Hair regrowth, which is more common in men than in women, is the swelling of the hair that cannot come out under the skin. This swelling reduces the quality of life of the person. The common ingrown hair in the coccyx can lead to chronic infection in some people. So what causes ingrown hairs? What are the symptoms of ingrown hair? Is there a natural treatment for ingrown hairs? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news:

Ingrown hair is called ingrown hair. However, in researches, ingrown hairs can also occur when the hairs accumulate in the coccyx area and settle under the skin. In addition, although ingrown hair is known as a disease seen in women among the people, this disease is actually more common in men. Hair rotation, which usually occurs in the coccyx; It is also likely to be seen around the navel, armpits, face area and legs. It is referred to as polynidal sinus in the scientific literature. This discomfort, which is experienced when the skin does not protrude abnormally in the hair growth layer, reduces the quality of life. The hairs do not go straight under the skin, they make a nest under the skin and cause inflammation here. Swelling skin causes pain. It also damages the nerves and vessels around it. Hair loss is usually most likely to occur during the developmental stage. Because after a certain age, the movement in the hair follicles stops. Hair loss may occur depending on occupations. Hair loss can be seen in long-term desk workers and long-distance drivers.


There is no definite reason. However, the accumulation of loose hair before it reaches the surface of the skin causes ingrown hairs. It can be experienced after constant friction, tight clothing, long-term sitting or cycling. The body activates the immune system against accumulated hair. The immune system also sends excess antibodies to this area. However, these antibodies cause inflammation in the region. Hair follicles that cannot breathe also cause dirt to accumulate.



People with more hair than normal

Hard and coarse hair follicles

Those who have hormonal problems in the developmental age

Cat and dog groomers, sheep clippers and barbers

Those who have previously had ingrown hairs

Those who gain and lose weight rapidly and those who are obese are at risk of developing ingrown hairs.

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There is swelling in the coccyx, which is the size of a chickpea, and an inflamed abscess in this swelling. This swelling in the breech area causes severe pain over time. As a result of the inflammation, yellow spots occur on the back of the underwear. If ingrown hair is neglected despite these symptoms, it can cause serious discomfort.

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Since it is seen on the skin surface, it is immediately detected by physical intervention. If the specialist deems it appropriate, he performs a surgical operation. However, if it is not very severe, creams containing antibiotics are applied. In very severe clay sprains, specialists usually also order a blood test. Because ingrown hair can sometimes be in polynidal cyst. With surgery, the ingrown hair is removed from the root. It also recommends that some precautions be taken to prevent the patient from re-living.

Areas with ingrown hair should be constantly disinfected.

Underwear should be changed frequently

The body should be cleaned in detail by taking a shower every day.

Avoid sitting or lying in the same position for long periods of time.

The level of the hair of the patient should then be reduced by laser epilation.

Some methods can be applied at home for non-severe ingrown hairs. Even if there is no scientific evidence, in alternative medicine, tea tree oil, sage oil and castor oils soften the area and allow the hair to come out and dry the inflammation inside. The patient should definitely consume vitamins C and A during the day. Cysts are relieved by sending a continuous message to the skin with ingrown hairs. Plenty of scrub should be thrown away with hot water. Hair should be exposed.

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