What causes hiccups and how does it go away? Could hiccups be a harbinger of coronavirus?

The allegations made about hiccups, which sometimes negatively affect life, experienced by almost everyone, scared us. It is debated whether hiccups in the latest statements of the Scientific Committee are a symptom. We have searched for you who are curious about hiccups, a health problem that occurs in the chest and abdominal cavities. So what causes Hiccups and how does it go away? In the details of the news:

Hiccup; The sound that occurs suddenly in the vocal cords with the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle that separates the thoracic cavity and the upper abdomen is called. This sound, which occurs every 6 seconds, can also occur in the muscles between the ribs, apart from the diaphragm. Short-term hiccups from excessive laughing, smoking, and eating too quickly are not dangerous. But if the hiccups last longer than 1 month, it is called persistent or persistent hiccups. This type of hiccups can cause serious discomfort. Irish scientists explained that if the ‘persistent hiccup’ is accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss and difficulty swallowing, this may be a harbinger of esophageal cancer. Treatment methods based on hearsay information such as holding your breath, drinking cold water without breathing, being afraid, blocking the external ear canal and drinking lemon can cause serious discomfort in the future. Experts state that there are cases that even result in death in the breath-holding method used to relieve hiccups.

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Member of the Social Sciences Board of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan announced to the public the new developments about the coronavirus, which negatively affected the whole world and caused a serious pandemic. İlhan also warned that people should not act without an official statement by the scientific board, especially since the false symptoms and situations that have been put forward affect the rate of spread of the virus. In addition, İlhan clarified the situation that caused an outrage around the world after a patient who applied to the hospital with a complaint of hiccups in the USA and whose coronavirus test was positive in the past days. The famous professor underlined that the most obvious symptom of coronavirus is high fever, as well as cough and respiratory problems. Stating that there are also applicants with the problem of excessive diarrhea during the summer months, İlhan reminded that such situations can be seasonal diseases. İlahn continued his words with the following sentences:

“We heard that the coronavirus test of the patient who went to the hospital with a complaint of hiccups in the USA was positive. Hiccups may also be neurological in nature. It is very difficult to say ‘hiccups are a new coronavirus symptom’. If you have a new symptom that did not exist before, it should be considered that there may be a risk of coronavirus. Another disease There is a neurological involvement, it has spread to the nerve endings. The coronavirus is more new in our lives. We have known for 5 months in our country, the world has known for 7 months even if it is in China. Maybe the coronavirus has neurological nerve involvement. We may encounter hiccups after this nerve involvement. Previously “If there is a finding that you do not have and that affects your daily life, it is useful to consult your doctor. Our citizens should consult their physicians first if they have chronic diseases. It is very difficult to say ‘hiccups are a new coronavirus symptom’. If you have a new symptom that did not exist before, it should be considered that there may be a risk of coronavirus.”

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There are said to be several symptoms associated with the appearance of hiccups. The strongest of these is the air taken after carbonated drinks and excessive meals. This can happen in the windpipe or esophagus. Some studies have suggested that hiccups may be a psychological phenomenon. Sudden mood swings and stress often lead to hiccups. Along with these mental diseases that negatively affect the nervous system, unhealthy diet can also lead to an increase in the problem of hiccups. Eye pressure, goiter, pneumonia, heart membrane inflammation, heart attack, liver, intestine, pancreas diseases, asthma and pharyngitis are diseases that cause hiccups. These diseases lead to the collapse of both the respiratory and digestive systems.


Sudden applications of the respiratory system are ideal for hiccups. But you have to be careful while doing this. Otherwise, it can cause death. Practices such as mouth-holding without risk can cure hiccups. This way corrects the negative situation in respiration. In addition, trying to swallow ice water gargle, granulated sugar and a large piece of bread by chewing lightly can also be done.

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