What causes hemorrhoids? What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Natural methods that are good for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid disease, colloquially known as piles, has increased in the pandemic process. Increased hemorrhoids due to prolonged sitting and sedentary life reduces the quality of life. Especially during the pandemic process, the rate of this disease has increased. We searched for those who were wondering about hemorrhoids, which is one of the diseases that do not go away on its own. What causes hemorrhoids? What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Natural methods that are good for hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are swollen ovaries like varicose veins around the anus. Among the people, this disease is often called hemorrhoids. Especially, eating unhealthy and not cleaning regularly increases the possibility of experiencing this health problem. There are two types of hemorrhoids. One occurs at the mouth of the anus and is called external. Another occurs in the large intestines, which is called internal hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are seen in 1 in 4 adults in the community. This discomfort, which does not show itself for a long time, negatively affects the quality of life of the person from the moment it starts to appear. Experts related to this ailment, which occurs due to various reasons, finally resort to the surgical method. The lumps called hemorrhoids, which appeared before with drugs or natural cures, are destroyed.

  • Small, small breast wounds that occur at the breech exit are called hemorrhoids. This is also seen in the breech tube.
  • It causes pain while sitting, lying down and defecating.
  • The mixture of olive oil and plum reduces the pain in hemorrhoids. Heals wounds. It reduces the risk of relapse.

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The inner part of the anus, the anal region and hemorrhoids caused by the veins in it, cause severe pain. In particular, it makes it difficult to go to the toilet and also restricts daily factors such as sitting and moving. One of the causes of hemorrhoids is the long-term pressure of the same place. In other words, sitting for a long time or tight clothes trigger hemorrhoids. Staying in the home environment for more than 4 months during the pandemic period caused an increase in hemorrhoids. General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Cengiz Asci, on this subject “With the transition to the working from home model with the pandemic, complaints about hemorrhoids have started to be seen more. People who stand or sit for too long without changing their position are at risk. Working for hours without moving increases the likelihood of getting hemorrhoids.”he said.


Change in toilet habits

Excessive breech strain during childbirth

For people sitting constantly

Taking a shower or using the toilet in an unhygienic environment

Tumor cells related to genes or arising subsequently in the pelvic region

Bowel cancers also cause this ailment.

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Maca itching and swelling,

Bleeding and severe pain during defecation in the anus mouth,

Increased pain when sitting and lying down

Conditions such as the hanging of hemorrhoids from the anus are among the symptoms. However, not all blood coming from the rectum may be a sign of hemorrhoids.

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Some patients hesitate to go to the doctor for this discomfort in the breech area. This causes hemorrhoid swelling to multiply and swell faster. Since it is not intervened in time, it can bring serious health problems in the future. External hemorrhoids can be diagnosed right away. However, colonoscopy is used to detect hemorrhoids in the large intestine. Medication is used for very severe hemorrhoids. However, surgical operation is performed for advanced hemorrhoids.



Extract the juice of the plum plum. Put a tablespoon of olive oil in it. Then apply it to the hemorrhoids nipples and the outer part of the anus with the help of a cotton pad. You can do this application until the hemorrhoids pass.


The antibacterials in lemon reduce hemorrhoids. Squeeze a lemon well, put a few drops of water in it to remove its acidity, then apply it to the area where the hemorrhoids occur with a cotton pad.

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Another natural method that relieves swelling and pain caused by hemorrhoids in the anus is black tea bags. Put the warm black tea bag on the area where the hemorrhoids are and press it and wait for 10 minutes. You can do this application twice a day.

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