What causes heartburn? What is good for heartburn?

One of the most common problems is heartburn. Heartburn is both a symptom of diseases and a discomfort in itself. This discomfort, which reduces the quality of life, can also be a harbinger of serious diseases in line with the repetition of complaints. What causes heartburn? What is good for heartburn?

Heartburn is usually experienced in the connection part of the esophagus with the stomach after a meal. Mostly consumed foods trigger heartburn, which is a symptom of digestive diseases. When moving, severe pain in the abdomen increases and a bad taste comes to the mouth. This mouth-watering salivary taste is acidic. Frequent uptake of this acid can damage the esophagus. Heartburn is most commonly seen with reflux. Reflux is the outflow of stomach acid into the esophagus. Spicy foods, onions, garlic trigger this disease. Another is gastritis. With the deformation of the stomach tissue, inflammation in the stomach comes to the median. With the effect of food, heartburn, swelling and abdominal contractions are experienced. The stomach microbe, which is rarely seen, is Helicobacter plori. This bacterium lives in stomach acid and can multiply. These microbes, which reduce appetite, cause the food to come out through vomiting without dispersing into the body. It also causes heartburn.

  • Spicy, onion and garlic foods trigger heartburn.
  • ulcer, reflux, gastritis and Diseases such as helicobacter plori are diseases that cause heartburn.
  • In heartburn, a bad acid taste comes to the mouth.
  • As heartburn recurs, it increases the risk of esophageal cancer.
  • The cause of heartburn can be diagnosed with the endoscopy method.
  • Ginger, carbonated water, licorice root and chewing gum are natural remedies for heartburn.

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– One of the most important conditions for stomach health is grains. Fiber-rich grains contain iron, selenium and magnesium, which strengthen stomach functions.

– Milk and dairy products containing lactose also balance the acidity in the stomach. However, lactose can cause side effects in some people. That’s why they should consume lactose-free milk.

– Carbonated water has been able to reduce conditions such as heartburn, vomiting and nausea for centuries. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Consume a glass after a meal.

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– The food that is little known but found in all alternative medicine books is tahini. Experts underline that it is a food that people with stomach problems should consume frequently. A tablespoon of tahini instantly cuts heartburn like a medicine effect.

– Experts say that those who suffer from heartburn should definitely add ginger to their meals. Ginger balances stomach acid. It strengthens the stomach muscles and prevents acid from going into the esophagus. Those who do not prefer it in meals can also be consumed as ginger tea.

– The indispensable food of the mucous in the stomach is licorice root. Licorice root also protects the esophagus from the effects of stomach acid. However, experts do not recommend consuming challenge root for a long time. In addition, those with high blood pressure should definitely consult a doctor before consuming this food.

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Apple is one of the fruits that relaxes the stomach in general. Experts recommend consuming a green apple instead of tea after a meal. In addition to apples, freshly squeezed apple juice can also be consumed.

– Anise and thyme tea from herbal teas is very effective for stomach health. Two teas with a soothing effect help the food to be easily enzymatic by the stomach. It also supports the work of the intestines.


– A person with stomach pain or complaints should stay away from spices. Especially hot pepper can trigger heartburn.

– Smoking and alcohol consumption increase the acidity rate in the stomach. It weakens the cells of the stomach, making it unprotected. This can recur stomach diseases, especially heartburn.

– Consuming too many carbohydrates and fatty foods makes the stomach heavy. It forces him to grind. It produces more acid as it cannot fully grind the food. This causes burning.

– Wearing very tight clothes, especially in the stomach part, with tight elastic or belted clothes will cause the stomach to be crushed. This raises the acid or leads to the stomach cavity.

– Using very high pillows while sleeping at night and eating something before going to bed can cause heartburn to recur.

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