What causes hair flu? What are the symptoms of hair fever? Who gets hair flu?

With excessive hair loss, the formation of an oily layer on the scalp may indicate alopecia. When not taken seriously, hair fever is a skin disease that brings with it different diseases. It is not only seen in wet hair or cold weather. What causes hair flu? What are the symptoms of hair fever? Who gets hair flu?

Hair fever, which develops due to itching and redness of the hair follicle, progresses with severe headache. This situation, which is usually experienced after a shower, pool and cold, is more common in women than in men. This discomfort, which also develops at the point of not drying the scalp, causes hair loss. In addition, hair cold can be caused by cosmetic products and dryers that will deform the hair follicle. If it does not start as a serious problem, but is not treated in later periods, it paves the way for head diseases. Although it is not perceived as a disease in the medical language, experts warn people to be more careful in this regard, as it is a condition that can cause diseases.

  • Hair fever is a disease that develops due to the common cold.
  • Crusting and fat layer occurs on the scalp.
  • In addition to excessive hair loss, lubrication is seen quickly despite regular washing.
  • Hair fever is experienced due to cold weather or long-term wetness of the scalp, as well as weakening of the hair follicles and infection.

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Binding the hair too often prevents the hair roots from getting air.

The roots of the hair, which are not dried after a shower or after the rain and exposed to the cold wind, lose their strength over time, and in this case, it causes both hair cold and hair loss.

Applying a hot blow dryer to wet hair will burn the root of the hair. At the same time, the sudden exposure of the scalp to hot weather invites the disease.

Constantly changing shampoos and applying cosmetic products to the hair are among the causes of hair cold.

Hair that is combed harshly damages the skin, so the damaged scalp makes it easier to catch the disease.

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Crusting occurs along with itching on the scalp. Hair shedding is more than normal. It seems healthy, but hair loss is seen to fill the palm of the hand during combing or bathing. Redness and sores that go down to the forehead area. Cold scalp and persistent headache. Despite washing and rinsing well, oily hair is one of the symptoms of hair cold.

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There is no treatment for hair fever, which is not called a disease in the medical language. In order to prevent this discomfort, first of all, it is learned what the problem is. Although the causes of the disease have been identified and eliminated, if the problem persists, it is useful to see a specialist.


Do not go out with wet hair in order not to catch hair flu. Natural methods should be used for hair care. Hair tying should be avoided. The use of hair styling gels and sprays should be reduced.

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