What causes gum recession? What are the symptoms of gum recession? gum recession treatment

Toothache is one of the most common health problems of almost everyone. Their pain almost reduces their quality of life. There are many misconceptions known to the public, especially in this regard. These invite serious diseases. The most common problem that is not intervened in time is gingival recession. What causes gum recession? What are the symptoms of gum recession?

Gum recession, one of the most common dental problems, occurs in all ages and genders. Gingival recession, which is scientifically known as periodontitis, bacteria that settles between the tooth structure and the flesh form a thick plaque. When this plaque is not cleaned over time, it creates a sticky layer here. The layer causes decay of the gums. The gums are pulled towards the chin, as is popularly known, due to the decreasing power due to these bacteria. Inflammation of the gums even progresses to tooth loss. When gingival recession is not intervened in time, it paves the way for the emergence of diseases such as bone loss in the teeth and jaw, bacterial increase in the circulatory system, diabetes and bone inflammation.

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gum recession is caused by bacteria


  • When teeth are not cleaned on time and adequately
  • Excessive consumption of nicotine and caffeine substances
  • When adequate amounts of vitamins C and K are not taken during the developmental period
  • As a result of continuous inflammation problems in the mouth
  • Hormonal disorder frequently seen in pregnancy and postmenopausal women
  • Cancerous cells cause serious deformations in the body
  • The side effects of long-term medications used as a result of severe diseases pave the way for gingival recession.

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mouth odor can occur with gum recession


  1. Aphtha-like bumps appear on the gums.
  2. It causes very bad breath.
  3. Over time, gaps form in the order of the teeth.
  4. There is pain and bleeding when brushing teeth.
  5. When touched even on the cheek, severe weights are felt on the teeth and gums.
  6. Tooth loss occurs without any symptoms.
  7. Sensitivity to hot and cold food or drink increases.
  8. Gums begin to bruise over time.

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Early treatment is important in gingival recession.


İbrahim Saraçoğlu recommends the natural thyme mixture as the reduction of bacteria in the mouth will strengthen the gums. When this mouthwash is added to the habit of brushing teeth 3 times a day, it strengthens your teeth. Thyme, which is boiled with a glass of water, is gargled after waiting for a while. When it is done regularly, it is seen that inflammation decreases between the gums and teeth. Apart from that, when toothache is severe, vegetables and fruits and plenty of herbal teas are recommended instead of junk food, nuts, ready-made foods, processed foods. The most recommended herbal tea is anise.

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gum pain

gingival recession treatment

It is absolutely essential to consult a specialist in advanced gingival recession. Depending on the size of the gingival recession, even an operation may be requested. In drug treatment, gels containing antibiotics are given. These are applied to the teeth to reduce the rate of inflammation in the teeth. In addition, the inflamed structures formed in the tooth roots are reduced by laser.

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