What causes gout? What are the symptoms of gout? Is there a treatment?

Edema, which accumulates in the body at a serious rate, usually accumulates at the junction of the joints. The accumulated edema deforms the two joint structures and causes swelling that disrupts the bone structure. This disease is scientifically called gout. Since most sultans suffered from this disease, the disease is also known as sultan’s disease. What causes gout? What are the symptoms of gout?

Although gout is included in rheumatic diseases due to its causes, it is actually a metabolic disease due to its symptoms. Harmful substances that enter the body with food are converted into uric acid and excreted from the body. If the immune system is weak, these substances cannot be eliminated from the body and accumulate in the blood, stomach and intestines. This accumulation causes serious health problems in the future. Another area where uric acid accumulates is the joints. The acid accumulating in the joints causes inflammation and these inflammations cause edema. These edemas, which usually occur in the feet and hands, are called gout.

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Side effects of some chronic drugs,

Wrong diet practices

Weakening of the immune system after surgical operations,

Consumption of irregular and excessively fatty foods,

Conditions such as experiencing diseases with a high rate of infection can trigger gout.

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Severe pain, contraction and swelling in the joints due to inflammation,

Insomnia due to pain

Pain in the abdomen and waist regions due to sand and stones formed in the kidneys,

Edema of the joints on the skin; Conditions such as itching and rash are symptoms of gout.

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In order to start the treatment of the disease, first of all, a blood test is performed and the rate of uric acid is checked. For definitive diagnoses, the rate of uric acid crystals is determined by taking fluid from the edematous joints. Early diagnosis is important in gout, as in any disease. It can cause serious bone and joint diseases in the future. Even injury can occur. Specialists usually apply drug therapy to get rid of edema with anti-inflammatory drugs so that this disease does not progress.

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Meat products can cause increased edema. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist for the amount of meat consumed daily. Mushrooms can be consumed instead. Mushrooms provide the protein that meat will give.

Two hard-boiled eggs should be consumed per day. However, fried eggs should be avoided.

Gout patients generally benefit from a green-based diet. This includes green lentils, spinach and leeks.

Every day, foods rich in antioxidants that reduce uric acid in the body, namely sour cherries, cherries, tomatoes, watermelons, pomegranates and strawberries can be eaten depending on the season.

At the same time, a glass of pineapple juice can be preferred every day. A handful of walnuts is also recommended.

Linden, chamomile and dandelion teas are recommended from herbal teas.

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