What causes gallstones? What are the symptoms of gallstones? Should gallstone surgery be performed?

Gallstone, which is one of the increasing disorders in society, does not progress in a normal course. That’s why he wants treatment or a surgical operation as soon as possible. Gallstones, which reduce the quality of life and cause severe pain, also cause changes in the body. So what causes Gallstones? What are the symptoms of gallstones? Should gallstone surgery be performed?

Gallstone, which is in the body’s metabilok working system, is located in the lower region of the abdomen. It is a small organ resembling a pear in shape. The functionality of the gallstone is completely dependent on the liver. By controlling the enzymes of the liver, the foods entering the body pass here before the stomach. Bile actually acts as a conduit. However, food waste may remain in the pouch. In an excessively fatty and carbohydrate diet, harmful wastes accumulate and crystallize here. This creates gallstones. Increased cholesterol in the blood, namely fatty cells, accelerates the formation of gallstones. Gallstones are seen in advanced ages. It paves the way for conditions such as high cholesterol, excess weight, malnutrition and exercise. However, these alone are not a reason. Some people’s bodies can spontaneously form stones in the kidney, bladder and gallbladder. In addition, hereditary blood diseases, infections and deformation of the liver are among the causative diseases that cause stone formation in the gallbladder. Some experts say that people who consume high amounts of alcohol are at higher risk of experiencing this ailment.

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– Constant feeling of swelling in the upper abdomen

– Frequent indigestion after meals

– Smelly burping

– Constant smell of waste in the mouth

– Intermittent heating, such as hot flashes

– Diarrhea despite loss of appetite

– Whiteness of the eyes and yellowing of the skin color

– Fatigue, rapid heartbeat and thoracic stenosis

– sudden increase in heart rate

– Lack of concentrate

– Smelly sweating after increased body temperature

– Abdominal pain even at night

– Waking up tired from sleep during the day

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Cholecystography, which takes the image of the gallbladder, is taken. In addition, blood cholesterol levels are checked. In addition, endoscopic ultrasound, CAT scan and ERCP are performed. After the examinations made in line with the complaints, when the stones in the gallbladder cannot be removed with the natural route or with the drugs given, the surgical method is applied.

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For patients with high complaints, experts usually recommend surgical operation. Since stones larger than 25 mm will cause cancer risk, it is important for health to be removed. In these surgeries, the gallbladder is usually removed. The reason is that since the gallbladder is an organ formed by the liver, it is possible to re-occur only when the stones are removed. Therefore, it is important to take it with the pouch.

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