What causes eye twitching? What diseases is it a sign of? How to prevent eye twitching?

Do you know that eye twitching, which is misinterpreted among the people, can actually be a sign of illness? So what causes eye twitching? What diseases is it a sign of? How to prevent eye twitching? We have compiled for you those who are curious about this health problem, which is experienced by almost one in four people in the society. You can find the answers to all the questions you wonder in the details of the news.

The eye is the organ for seeing. The eye consisting of three layers; It transmits and refracts light and makes the image ready in the brain. The corneal layer is the most important. The eye, which consists of vessels and tissues, needs vitamins and minerals like other organs. Serious diseases are experienced in any deformation that occurs in the eye, which has very sensitive vessels. One of them is eye twitching. Eye twitching occurs with the sudden movement of the muscles in the eyelids. This discomfort, which is not seen as important, is short-lived. In some it continues for a few minutes, while in others it continues for hours. Eye twitching, which reduces the quality of life of the person, is not only a discomfort in itself, but also the main symptom of some diseases.

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This discomfort is usually experienced due to mental fatigue. In addition to being tired and stressed, looking at the computer, television and tablet for a long time makes the eyes tired. This can cause sudden contraction of the eye. In addition, when large amounts of caffeine are consumed, the increased rapid blood flow causes eye twitching. There is also a high amount of caffeine in painkillers and antipyretic drugs taken due to the increased upper respiratory tract, especially in winter. Eye twitching that persists for more than a week can be a sign of a serious eye problem. Experts emphasize that eye twitching may be among the symptoms of brain disorders. In addition, eye twitching can also be a sign of progressive visual disturbances.

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After eye twitching, symptoms such as redness, burring, swelling and difficulty opening the eyelid after sleep continue. Such situations may be a sign of droopy eyelids. The most serious condition is high blood pressure. Eye pressure is a serious disorder that progresses secretly and appears suddenly.

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First of all, if the twitching continues for a long time, a specialist should be consulted. According to the severity of the underlying cause of this condition, the doctor determines a course of treatment. In this case, which is usually treated with medication, eye movements are also checked. Experts offer some suggestions for eye twitching that is not serious.


Make your sleep regular.

Massage with rosemary or clove oil so that it does not come into contact with the eyes.

Cut down on drinks containing caffeine.

Rest your eyes for an hour with an ice pack or tea bag.

Do not look at the computer, television or phone for a long time. If you are a desk worker, rest your eyes at least once an hour.

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