What causes eye allergy? What are the symptoms of eye allergy? What is good for eye allergy?

After the first cemre fall, allergenic diseases occur with the change of weather. One of them is eye allergy. Looking at technological devices such as television, telephone and computer for a long time causes redness and watering of the eyes. However, there are many different reasons for this. So what causes eye allergies? What are the symptoms of eye allergy? What is good for eye allergy? Here are the answers to the problems:

Airborne pollen does not only cause upper respiratory tract diseases. It also prepares the ground for eye diseases. Pollens infecting the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane in the eye, cause inflammation. This situation usually paves the way for serious health problems in both eyes. An eye allergy, called allergic conjunctiva, swells the eyelids and causes redness of the inside of the eyes. In some people, it even causes vision loss. Because the inflammation enters from the outside in a short time. It deforms cells and nerve cells that strengthen vision. Allergies do not occur in everyone. Vitamins and minerals, which generally decrease in the eye, allow harmful cells to multiply easily. Conjunctiva, which is experienced as a seasonal eye disease, can lead to serious and permanent disorders in the future because it is not intervened properly. This allergic condition may even lead to the risk of blindness in some people. Experts especially recommend that people who wear lenses should not use lenses during these seasons. Because inflammation that settles in the lens and conjunctiva causes inflammation of the eyelash base.

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People who have an allergic reaction to animal dander, dust particles and weeds may also experience eye allergies.

Chemical make-up materials that come into contact with the eye, which has a sensitive structure, can damage nerve and vascular tissues.

Viruses in damp or rural areas such as plows can settle in the eyes. This causes eye allergies.

The onset of some eye diseases also paves the way for allergies. It is also a symptom of the yellow spot defect, which has increased in recent years.

It paves the way for eye allergy in mental disorders such as stress and depression.

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The main symptoms commonly experienced are redness, burning, swelling and tearing.

Severe pain when the eye is closed and opened

Inflammation of the eyelid

A runny nose that develops after a blocked tear tube

Leaky pains in eye bones

facial pain

Difficulty closing and opening eyes

Increased sensitivity to light

Blurring of the eye and loss of vision

Symptoms such as persistent inflammatory masses in the eye indicate an eye allergy.

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Ice compresses are very effective in reducing eye swelling. However, do not keep an eye on the ice bags you have prepared for a long time. Because this causes excessive damage to the eye vessels.

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In the spring, houses are usually painted to prevent moths. These paints prefer water-based paint. The house is provided with air. Thus, the possibility of allergies decreases.

It is recommended by experts not to go out with lenses or look at the sun. In addition, in these months, more attention should be paid to lens cleaning than usual.

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Black tea bags are very effective in drying inflammation. Therefore, put the warm hot black tea bags over your eyes and leave them for half an hour.

Increase the vitamin and mineral values ​​in the eye by consuming foods that are good for the eyes such as carrots and spinach during the day. In this way, the eye becomes healthier against diseases.

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