What causes ear pain? What does ear pain signify? How is the earache treated?

Ear pain that almost everyone experiences can occur for many reasons. It is one of the discomforts experienced after ear headache and stomachache that occurs regardless of the child or parent. Ear pain, which almost resets the quality of life, usually does not go away easily with drugs such as painkillers. So what causes ear pain? What does ear pain signify? How is the earache treated? You can find everything you wonder about ear pain in the details of the news.

Ear pain, which reduces a person’s quality of life, usually arises from infection. However, there may be many reasons behind ear pain. External, internal or middle ear inflammation causes tinnitus and pain. Symptoms such as throbbing, burning and stinging are observed. Ear pain can occur for other reasons as well as cause other discomforts. Not all earaches, which are often experienced after a cold, go away with medication. Some earaches can also be relieved naturally at home. The other most common cause is otitis media. Middle ear infection is not as mild as ear pain that occurs with a cold. In otitis media, the patient mostly complains of dizziness. In addition, middle ear inflammation increases in mass areas. Ear pain is the third most common ailment in the researches. Ear pain, which is a sign that the body is exposed to an excessive infection, is also a sign that the ear crystals are playing, or that the dirt in the middle ear has increased and infected.

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Accumulation of earwax in the inner ear area,

Infected bacteria that spread to the ear canal after a cold with a sore throat,

Severe damage to the inner ear and its membrane as a result of the entry of a foreign object into the ear,

Obstruction of the sinus ducts

ear crystals playing

In the most severe homes of diseases such as migraine and sinusitis

Increased inflammation in the jaw and tooth roots

After tonsil and nasal surgery

After nose surgery

Tumor formation of cells in the under-ear glands

Lung diseases

Inflammation of mouth sores causes ear pain.

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Mild ear pain experienced by people without a known disease can be treated at home. However, for ear pain lasting more than 3 days, the patient should definitely consult a specialist.


For mild severe earaches, hot water is put into the bag bought from the pharmacy as a hot water bag of the patient, and a towel is wrapped in a towel and hot pressure is applied to the inflammation by placing it in the middle of the ear. Or, this can be done with a cheesecloth or towel heated by an iron or stove, a method that has been used for centuries.


Garlic, the strongest antibiotic, is good for earache. For this, fry two crushed garlic cloves in sesame oil for 15 minutes. Then, dip the ear bud into the oil you have warmed from the stove and drip a drop into the ear hole. After 5 minutes, tilt your ear down.


Onion, another antibiotic that is effective after garlic, is among the foods that are good for earache. Boil the juice of one onion well, then drip one or two drops into the ear with the help of a cheesecloth.

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