What causes ear crystal slippage? Symptoms of ear crystal play

Ear crystal play, which causes severe dizziness, is more common in women than men. Ear crystal with fluid mobilization reduces the life status to zero. Ear crystal, which causes damage to the brain and spinal cord, even wakes the person from their sleep. In addition to symptoms such as imbalance, it also manifests itself with irregular heartbeats. So why does the Ear crystal play?

Ear crystals are structures in the inner ear that provide body balance. The crystals are found in the balance canals inside the inner ear. Ear crystals, which allow the body movements to be balanced, are fixed structures in the ear in liquid form in three separate balance channels. These structures, which are displaced after any trauma, negatively affect the brain and spinal cord. Ear crystals, which are the balance fluid, cause serious health problems as they move. Often it is not known what causes these crystals to play. Playing of the ear crystal may occur due to diseases such as Meniere’s disease, ear disorders such as otosclerosis, central nervous system diseases and inner ear tumors. 80 percent of patients can even wake up from sleep due to severe pain in the ears. Cases increase in winter.

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Ear and upper tract infections are among the factors that cause ear crystal slippage. Trauma to the brain and sudden neck movements also cause these crystals to dislodge. Movements while lying down and standing up activate the crystalline fluids. Symptoms showing that the crystals are slipping; sudden onset of dizziness and nausea. At the same time, experiencing a feeling of imbalance even though there is no dizziness is one of the signs that the ear crystals of the person are slipping.

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Severe dizziness pulling the floor under your feet

Imbalance in body movements

Defect in the focal point of vision

Increased ringing and inflammatory discharge in the ear

– Cramps from ear to face

Nausea and headache even when lying down

In advanced cases, it manifests itself with symptoms such as heart rhythm disorder and acceleration in blood flow.

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With the balance tests performed by the otolaryngologist, it is determined whether the ear crystals are displaced or not. It is recommended that the person whose ear crystals are dislodged should be more careful while moving. Ensuring standing in a fixed place without moving the head too much during dizziness. Plenty of water should be consumed. It is useful to lie down or sit down immediately while on the move during attacks.

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