What causes dry eyes? What are the symptoms of dry eye? Is there a cure for dry eye?

One of the diseases seen with the onset of the seasonal transition is dry eye. The risk of experiencing is high, especially in people who wear lenses and have to look at electronic screens such as computers, tablets and phones for a long time. It is a disorder caused by environmental factors. What causes dry eyes? What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Regardless of age and gender, dry eyes are usually caused by factors such as excessive wind, eye diseases and dust. It negatively affects the quality of life. The liquid on the structural surface of the eye prevents any external object from passing into the thick layer. This protects the retina of the eye. This layer is supported by the tear tube. This situation causes the command to go to the brain via the nerves and the layer to produce fluid here. The rate of this liquid is increased to protect the eye after situations such as dust or wind entering the eye. Liquid that cleans the surface of the eye; Infectious diseases, high fever and the risk of an object such as a lens getting into the eye also decreases.

  • Insufficient functioning of the fluid-producing glands in the eye causes dry eye.
  • It manifests itself with symptoms such as itching, redness and watering.
  • Dry eye is experienced due to dust, wind, febrile diseases, clogging of the tear tube due to inflammation.
  • If not treated early, it can cause permanent damage to the cornea or retina.
  • Drops and drugs are given to increase eye fluid. It is also recommended to consume foods that are good for eye health, such as parsley and carrots.

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It occurs when the eye fluid called lacrimal decreases due to environmental factors. Tumorous glands formed by cells with damaged DNA in and around the eye can cause dry eye. In addition to the use of lenses that are not looked after for a long time, it can also be seen due to allergic conditions experienced in seasonal transitions. In addition, hormonal disorders negatively affect the fluid ratio in the body in general. It also affects the eyes. In addition to using lenses, looking at the computer screen for a long time is among the most common causes.

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– Sudden onset of eye itching

– Difficulty opening eyes when waking up

– Burrring of the tear tube

– Feeling that an object is stuck in the eye when you close the eyelid

– In addition to symptoms such as burning and redness, when not intervened in a timely manner, foggy vision is experienced.

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It is treated with artificial tears and gel medications. It is useful to consult a specialist as soon as the symptoms are felt. Even if it is not serious, it may cause erosion of the corneal layer in the future. Therefore, it should be intervened immediately with drugs. In this process, it is useful to pay attention to the use of contact lenses and LED screens.

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Experts recommend parsley, carrot and turmeric for food consumption. In addition, boil a glass of water and half a tea glass in a saucepan. Look at the steam, trying to keep your eyes open during this boiling. If there is inflammation in the eye, it reduces it. At the same time, squeeze a drop of black tea or green tea into your eyes in a slightly warm way, then put it on the eyelid and leave it for 5 minutes. It is useful to do this until the feeling of stinging passes.

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