What causes diarrhea? Increased diarrhea in summer! Ways to stop diarrhea instantly…

Diarrhea, one of the most common diseases, is more common especially in summer. Diarrhea, which reduces a person’s quality of life, is one of the intestinal or digestive diseases. Diarrhea, which leads to watery stools, can cause serious health problems when it lasts more than 1 day. We searched for what you wonder about diarrhea, which causes excessive fluid loss in the body. So what causes diarrhea?

Nutrition that has developed since the mother’s womb is one of the necessary needs for the shaping of the body and a healthy life. However, the nutrition that starts to take shape after birth comes with some complications. Especially sensitive digestive problems are among them. This is why diarrhea is often seen in people who are not fully fed with breast milk and have problems in intestinal formation. Diarrhea can actually occur at any age for many reasons. The reason why it is seen in a newborn baby is due to the lack of flora in the newly formed intestines. In childhood, it depends on the frequency of unhealthy diet, sleep problems and allergic symptoms. In adulthood, just as in infancy, the low number of flora or various external factors, such as the incomplete cleanness of the water consumed or the side effects of the drugs consumed due to chronic diseases, lead to the deterioration of the functionality of the intestines.

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– Not being fed enough breast milk

– Remaining of viruses in the body as a result of infectious diseases as a child

– Diet that reduces intestinal flora

– Complications caused by allergic and high fever diseases

– Symptoms of diseases

– History of consumed foods

– Situations such as not meeting the amount of fiber the body needs can lead to diarrhea. However, in addition to this, increasing temperatures in the summer months disrupt the body temperature balance. Temperature negatively affects the functions of organs, especially the intestines. This leads to increased vomiting and diarrhea.

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Diarrhea with severe abdominal pain and convulsions prevents restless sleep and comfortable movement in a social environment. Defecation is also common. There is a feeling of vomiting after defecation. Sweating and high fever are seen with increased defecation. Mild dizziness, bad breath and loss of appetite are among the symptoms. A person with diarrhea has dry lips. Usually, sudden weakness and body fatigue are experienced. The skin color is either white or yellow. He appears tired and sluggish.

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Since the daily diet affects the digestive system, experts warn about foods that cause diarrhea. For example, spicy foods negatively affect intestinal functions. In addition, excessive oily, processed and carbonated drinks can also cause it. In addition, since milk and dairy products contain excessive protein, they disrupt the cell structure. This can lead to both flatulence and diarrhea. Excessive consumption of chickpeas, spinach, onions, garlic and raw vegetables are among the foods that cause diarrhea.

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One of the ways to stop diarrhea quickly is to boil potatoes. Two medium potatoes make the intestines work more slowly. In addition, oat, wheat or rice porridge can also reduce the accelerated function of the intestines. In this process, increasing water consumption prevents both diarrhea and the decrease of the body’s energy. Some experts emphasize that yellow chickpeas, pretzels and bread are good for diarrhea. Bananas and apples are also good for diarrhea.

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