What causes depression? What are the symptoms of depression? coronavirus increased depression

Experts made interesting statements about depression, which is one of the most common health problems. Experts, who stated that depression increased especially during the coronavirus process, also warned that it should not become permanent. This discomfort, which is usually an increase in winter, has also changed due to the coronavirus. So what is Depression? Depression symptoms!

Depression is a serious problem that negatively affects the quality of life. When it occurs due to various reasons and cannot be brought under control with treatment, it brings along other health problems. Depression is a powerful mental illness that can affect how we think, act and even behave in daily life. Depression is most likely to occur after an emotional breakdown. Experts say that the depressive state is caused by the emotional situations that the person experiences in his daily life. However, unhealthy diet, intense work tempo and inactivity are among the factors that trigger depression. The patient constantly experiences both physical and mental fatigue. However, the patient begins to delay the needs that he should do daily. Experts emphasize that if the patient does not get over the symptoms within an average of 10 days, he or she should seek professional support, as it can lead to a serious situation that can result in suicide if not intervened in a timely manner.


The coronavirus epidemic, which has turned life upside down for about 3 months, has changed all habits. This process, which increases social distance and needs to be avoided in crowded environments, has affected some both biologically and psychologically. The coronavirus, which increased the anxiety, paved the way for the nervous system to deform faster. This broke the psychology of people. Many people who try to learn to live with the fear of being caught also develop depression. Experts, on the other hand, gave serious warnings in this regard. Experts, who say that depression can lead to suicide if not intervened early, emphasize that professional support should be sought. With the normalization process in our country, this uneasiness has increased. Because after the coronavirus measures, most companies switched to working from home. While many people feel secure in this way, most of the employees who move back to the office environment with the onset of normalization are also in this fear. This increased the risk of depression in employees. The way to get through the process in a healthy way, according to experts, is to continue the precautions by using healthy feeding and mask and gloves.

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– Constantly feeling tired and sleepy despite not being sick

– Changes in nutrition, either overeating or undereating

– Deceleration in motor movements

– The desire to be alone and in a dark environment all day long

– Sensitivity to sound and light

– Boredom with life, leading to suicide

– Situations such as feeling guilty towards oneself are among the symptoms.


The first of these is sports activities. Regular sports and exercises support the healthy functioning of the hormones in the brain and reduce the rate of mental depression. Especially swimming activity reduces this situation by 80 percent. Emphasizing that it is necessary to make good use of resting times in order to prevent this ailment, which is more common in office workers, experts also state that plenty of fresh air should be taken between these hours.

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Another important issue is proper nutrition. It is necessary to increase the body’s resistance by taking adequate amounts of potassium, calcium and vitamins. These additional supplements taken strengthen the muscle, nervous and immune systems and prepare the body for advanced ages. Unhealthy diet brings with it many diseases. Headache and bloating are the leading causes of depression. In order to reduce the risk of such ailments, it is useful to stay away from fatty and carbohydrate foods, as well as market products containing trans fats.


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