What causes Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever disease? What are the symptoms of tick bite?

One of the diseases that occur especially with the warming of the weather is the hemorrhagic disease of the Crimean Congo. It is experienced as a result of the virus that is transmitted to human blood by the bite of ticks and causes weakening of immunity. It is seen with symptoms such as high fever and body chills. So what causes the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic disease? What are the symptoms of tick bite?

Tick ​​bites are a health problem experienced by human beings for centuries. However, for the first time in the 12th century, post-disease research in Tajikistan was increased and scientists defined it as a disease. Nairovirus is transmitted to human blood as a result of a tick bite, which is one of the insect species. The transmitted virus causes bleeding in various places in the body. this is manifested by swelling and bruises in the form of capillaries. The first diagnosis of this disease in our country was definitively made in 2003. The virus transmitted by ticks is seen in the spring months. However, the incidence of this disease increases in the summer months. Ticks living in cattle can pass to grass and then to humans. It is found in Central Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia. Ticks can stay on humans for up to 3 days. On the other hand, the symptoms appear in an average of 5 days in people who are injected. Up to 13 days this situation increases.


– Bite marks form on the body.

– If urine is in saliva, blood leaks are encountered.

– Increased body tremor with high fever.

– Weakness in consciousness followed by lack of concentration

– Nausea and loss of appetite

– Reddening of the whites of the eyes

– Shedding due to itching on the skin surface

– Enlargement of the liver, damage to the lungs

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During the virus, which continues actively in the body for 12 days, immunity produces antibodies. But during this time, the body takes quite a lot of damage. Treatment is usually platelet and fresh frozen plasma transfusions. In addition to painkillers, antiviral drugs are given to increase body resistance. Mortality rates with oral therapy have also fallen considerably in recent years.

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