What causes cough? How does cough pass? What are the diseases that cause cough?

We have compiled for you those who are curious about cough, which is usually experienced with upper respiratory tract diseases. Did you know that many diseases are actually underlying the cough that reduces the quality of life? So what causes cough? How does cough pass? What are the diseases that cause cough? The answer to all your questions is in the details of the news…

The condition experienced due to any deformation in the respiratory tract or throat is called cough. Cough, which is often seen as a disease, actually protects the respiratory tract. Cough occurs for two different reasons. Cough with sputum is considered chronic. This situation lasts for more than three weeks. It is caused by cold, sinusitis, pharyngitis and a foreign body infiltrating the lungs. In dry cough, sputum does not occur. According to some experts, cough can be experienced due to psychological reasons. Apart from these, chronic ear disease, long-term medications and bad habits such as smoking can also be caused. Its duration and shape indicate the cause of the cough.

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– Since cigarettes are rich in nicotine, they cause to close the air filters in the lungs. This paves the way for the accumulation of bacteria and microbes in the lungs. phlegm This environment causes coughing to occur. Thus, the body expels the sputum formed by the discomfort through coughing.

– Caused by increased stomach acid and muscles not working properly reflux causes it to come from the esophagus to the mouth. Because of this pain and burning, coughing begins.

– Due to seasonal changes nasal inflammation accumulates. This causes coughing as a reflex to increase inflammation. However, prolonged coughing causes throat irritation and damage to the vocal cords. At the same time, coughing causes inflammation to settle in the ear and sinus canals.

– If you have long-term chronic coughs to lung cancer It could be a sign. In other words, lung cancer is among the diseases that prepare the ground for coughing. At the same time, it provides cough in COPD and asthma.

– In some studies medicines causes a persistent cough. In psychological situations, there are two types of coughing in the body. One is a habit and the other is known as a tic. It arises by itself. It is not seen during sleep.

– The most common cause of cough is is an allergy.Allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchial, atopic dermatitis and foods predispose to cough.

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HOW DOES Cough go away?

For prolonged coughs, a specialist should be consulted. Because there are many diseases that cause cough. Therefore, first of all, it is determined what is causing the cough. The treatment process begins accordingly. Diseases such as inflammation of normal seasonal transitions are treated naturally at home. In other cases, it is useful to see a specialist so that the damage to the throat does not increase. To prevent cough;

– It is necessary to stay away from dusty and dirty indoor environments.

– Regular exercise and walking clean the lungs.

– Avoiding caffeine and nicotine.

To increase the consumption of vitamin C, regular and balanced diet

– Consuming 3 liters of water during the day, but the water should never be cold

– Add a teaspoon of linden into the apple and quince peels and boil them well. Add this mixture to half a glass of pre-squeezed lemon juice and consume.

– Boil dried jasmine flowers, two cloves of cloves, a teaspoon of ginger and orange peels. After boiling for 10 minutes, strain and add honey.

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