What causes burping? Constant burping is a sign of which diseases?

Belching, which is usually experienced after meals or carbonated drinks, is actually not a simple condition. Although burping may seem like a healthy bodily function at first, it can be a sign of serious diseases when it is experienced constantly. What causes burping? Constant burping is a sign of which diseases?

When the digestive system cannot reach the rectum to expel the accumulated gas, the functional reflex that it throws through the upper way, that is, the heavy way, is called burping. This condition, which is seen as a healthy reflex, can be a symptom of different diseases when its frequency increases. In cases such as swallowing excess air, carbonated drinks, heavy drugs used, gallbladder diseases, fatty liver and food allergies, the desire to burp is given as a command by the brain. The most serious are celiac and gastritis. While it prepares the ground for digestive problems that are sensitive to gluten, it also causes burping. Gastritis is the most common health problem that predisposes to belching. The increased inflammation in the stomach removes the situation that it cannot get rid of through the anus, through the mouth. This actually causes stomach acid to come up into the esophagus. Stomach acid deforms cells in the esophagus. It leads to bad breath and bacterial accumulation in the salivary gland.

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burping causes serious distress when experienced continuously



The most serious is stomach cancer. Belching, one of the symptoms of stomach cancer, even causes breathing problems. Constant belching causes hiccups. A blocked airway can also cause heart problems. Those with stomach cancer should consult their doctor as soon as they experience these complaints during the treatment process.

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gastric cancer


The enlarged abdomen puts pressure on the intestines and stomach. As the digestive organs are suppressed, the gas inside begins to be expelled either from the anus or from the mouth. However, if it persists, the doctor should be informed.

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In cases such as prolonged and irregular laughing or speaking, excess air enters through the trachea. Excess air accumulates in the trachea. This can damage the lungs. The brain makes burping continuous as a command. Consult a specialist immediately to avoid damage to the lungs.

swallowing too much air


Irritable bowel syndrome, an inflammatory disease of the large intestine, causes belching. Because the gas accumulated in the body is not expelled, it goes to the upper respiratory tract.

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irritable bowel syndrome

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