What causes black fungus disease? What are the symptoms of black fungus disease?

Black fungus, one of the most post-coronavirus diseases in India, led to deaths. We have searched for those who are curious about the black fungus infection, which caused deaths in Egypt and then in Iraq. Research on black fungus disease, which is not contagious but has an increased risk of being experienced after mushroom consumption, continues. What causes black fungus disease? What are the symptoms of black fungus disease?

Black fungus disease, known as mucormycosis in the scientific literature, and the black fungus disease that caused the most deaths in India after the coronavirus began to be seen in other countries. Black fungus, which caused the death of 200 people, also led to loss of life in Iran. Mucormycosis, a fungal disease, is one of the fastest spreading viruses once it enters the body. The mucormycosis virus first descends into the sinus canals and from there to the brain to the lungs.

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This rare disease has caused panic as it has caused serious deaths in the last month. It is transmitted from fungi through the mouth, from places such as scratched wounds and by breathing. The spores of the fungi that have this virus are mixed into the air. These fungi are found in rotting trees, garbage, and soil with excess manure. This virus, which sticks to the body through the air, spreads instantly. That’s why it shows symptoms quickly.

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  • The body activates the immunity against the virus ingested, and fever occurs during this time.
  • The virus, which causes damage to the respiratory tract, causes coughing.
  • It causes facial pain such as sinusitis and migraine.
  • Along with high fever and facial pain, swelling from the eyes and swelling out of the inner socket occurs.
  • It goes down to the lungs through respiration and disrupts the cell structure there. This causes chest and abdominal pain.
  • Bleeding occurs when coughing after damage to the lungs.
  • Short-term crises occur with loss of consciousness.
  • It causes deterioration in the biological structure of the body. It most often causes drowsiness.
  • Just like in skin infections, fluid accumulation, inflamed discharge, redness and blackening occur.

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It is not contagious, but it is necessary to scratch in environments with damaged fungi or this virus. Since it spreads rapidly, it leads to the risk of death. That’s why early treatment is important. When it is taken under control quickly, it is determined whether there is another chronic disease in the body that triggers this disease.

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