What causes back pain? What is good for back pain? low back pain treatment at home

We have searched for you what causes low back pain, which turns daily life into a nightmare. Here are the causes of low back pain experienced by almost everyone…

Especially low back pain, which starts at a young age and then turns into a herniated disc, and occurs with spinal calcification in advanced ages, restricts even walking movements. Low back pain, which is seen in about 80 percent of adults in the society, can be experienced when the disc at the end of the spinal cord, the nervous system and muscles connected to it are damaged. On the other hand, there is a possibility that it can be seen by pressing the vertebral disc in the lowest layer of the hip bone. Low back pain, which is among the most common pain in the studies, reduces the quality of life. Especially during the pandemic, its incidence has increased due to staying at home for a long time and working from home. Early intervention is essential for low back pain caused by sedentary life and sitting disorders.

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Coercive situations such as accidents and traumas negatively affect the structure of the vertebrae. When this structure is disrupted, lumbar hernia occurs. This causes severe pain.

A sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced weight gain also cause low back pain. Muscles lose their power from inactivity.

Incorrect sitting and sleeping patterns also cause low back pain.

Since some nutrients increase the toxinization in bones and muscles, they cause calcification and decrease in the structure of the muscle ends. These reductions also cause severe pain.

It is especially seen in desk workers or employees who stand for a long time.

In addition to these, it causes low back pain in cases such as depression that occurs under stress or due to a nervous system disorder, as well as increases its severity.

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A detailed examination is required for the general treatment plan of low back pain, which is a versatile treatment method. In some low back pain; In addition to medication, rest and physical therapy, exercises to strengthen the waist muscles and changes in lifestyle are effective. A minority of patients with mechanical low back pain require surgical intervention when loss of sensation in the legs develops. In rheumatic low back pain, the patient is under regular control and follow-up.

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To strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the lumbar region, experts recommend regular exercises. Like physical therapy, the area gets stronger thanks to waist movements for at least an hour a day. On the other hand, hot and cold compresses should be applied according to the season. The nervous system in the area is relieved with a hot compress in the summer and cold in the winter. Fill something like a tub or basin with warm water and add Epsom salt and tea tree leaves. Reach in and rub your waist. This also reduces the pain in the lower back. Change your sitting posture every now and then by stretching. Strengthen muscles and bones by eating plenty of homemade yogurt so that there are no deformations.

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