What causes atherosclerosis? How many types of vascular occlusion are there?

Atherosclerosis, which even young people experience today, is a dangerous disease. Veins in all areas of the body are responsible for carrying blood. The vessels, which function as transport, have important functions for every organ, from the heart to the functioning of the organs. So what causes vascular occlusion? How many types of vascular occlusion are there?

The main task of the vessels that carry the oxygen, vitamins and minerals entering the body to the organs is to distribute the blood they receive from the heart. In this cycle, it reaches the necessary areas of the body. There are three types: capillaries, arteries and veins. However, some nutrients taken into the body cause hardening or clogging of the arteries. Due to these reasons, blood circulation slows down and very serious health problems occur. Insufficient oxygen and blood supply to the internal organs prevents them from working properly. The increase in cholesterol and fat levels in the body causes the cells in the vessels to mutate. While vascular occlusion was seen in people over 40 in the past, it has decreased to the age of 20 with the increase in the rate of unhealthy nutrition today. Especially bad habits increase vascular occlusion. If not prevented, it causes sudden death.

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Consuming foods high in saturated fat

Habits that raise cholesterol

Decreased water consumption during the day

Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol with high nicotine content, as well as tea and coffee

Increase in blood sugar level

Having a family history of vascular occlusion

Having a weak immune system followed by an excess of inflammatory cells in the body

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Heart and chest pains

Constant numbness in the shoulders, arms, legs

Increasing digestive problems

Pain and slowing down during physical movements

Sudden weakness in the body

Inability of the brain to perform its functions, for example, restriction of movement, such as speaking, walking

Persistent loss of balance

Sudden and prolonged headache

Increased muscle tension and cramps

Imbalance in urination

Experiencing conditions such as swelling in the hands and soles of the feet are general symptoms of vascular occlusion.

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Atherosclerosis is an inconvenience that is not immediately noticed. Therefore, it can easily progress and cause serious health problems. See a specialist as soon as symptoms appear. First of all, the specialist doctor applies certain tests according to the symptom. The applied methods are very important in this regard. In general, because the congestion is caused by nutrition, experts practice fasting. If the situation that is tried to be resolved naturally before the drugs has progressed, the surgical method is applied.

The miracle mixture that prevents atherosclerosis is honey and garlic. In a medium-sized jar, peel and add all the garlic in one head. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for a day. You can prevent atherosclerosis by consuming a spoonful of this mixture every morning.

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