What causes a tooth abscess? What are the symptoms and in how many days? Natural solutions to tooth abscess…

We have searched for you who are curious about dental abscess caused by infected cells accumulating in the root of the tooth for different reasons. This health problem experienced by almost everyone can be seen in all ages and genders. So what causes a tooth abscess? What are the symptoms and in how many days? What are the natural solutions to tooth abscess?

The disease caused by the infected cells accumulating in the tooth roots that are not cleaned adequately is called a dental abscess. This disease, which can spread from the root of the tooth in different directions, causes severe pain. If not intervened in time, it can pave the way for serious diseases. The pain sometimes spreads to the throat and ear. Moderate to severe pain negatively affects a person’s quality of life. There are different types of tooth abscess, which can occur for different reasons. Experts emphasize that such ailments can even pave the way for cancer when ignored. Infections that can spread to the lymph nodes may cause tumors in these regions by disrupting the mutation of the cells. This leads to gum cancer. Therefore, it is useful to see a specialist in dental abscesses that increase in severity.

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A tooth abscess seen at the very end of the root of the tooth is called periapical. The violence is experienced as it progresses.

It is seen in the gums. Palpable. It causes bad breath and jaw pain. It is called a periodontal abscess.

It is a gingival abscess that also damages the inner cheek that occurs in the outer flesh.

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With a throbbing pain, it hits from the gum to the jaw, from the jaw to the ear. It would be difficult to reach towards the side of the abscess.

Since the immune system is affected by the infection, there is a change in body temperature. This causes sudden fires.

Indeterminate swellings appear on the face under the ears or under the chin.

having difficulty eating

Bad breath and bad taste of food

It manifests itself with symptoms such as being sensitive to hot and cold foods or drinks.

HOW MANY DAYS DOES A DENTAL abscess go away?

With regular oral and dental care, it takes an average of one week. The specialist doctor usually applies medication to reduce the severity of the infection that caused the abscess. It is not recommended to use medication without consulting a doctor. Apart from this, the severity of infections can be reduced naturally at home.

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Since clove is a strong antiseptic, infected cells in the mouth can be reduced by chewing it.

The pain can be relieved with the shock effect by placing ice on the cheek where the abscess has come out.

Thanks to the antibacterial substances it contains, apple juice cleans the microbe on the teeth. In addition, it also destroys viruses in the salivary glands.

Garlic is also an effective natural remedy for reducing the severity of a tooth abscess.

Carbonated water mouthwash or sumac water mouthwash are also effective in reducing both the dental abscess and the effects caused by the tooth abscess.

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