What causes a brain tumor? What are the symptoms of a brain tumor? Is brain tumor difficult to treat?

Brain tumor, which is one of the diseases that are broadcast worldwide, manifests itself with symptoms similar to other diseases. A tumor is actually a gland formed by cells whose DNA has deteriorated anywhere in the body. When it occurs in the cavities of the brain, it is called a brain tumor. It occurs with severe headache and decreased body movements. What causes a brain tumor? What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?

A gland or tissue piece formed by the coming together of deteriorated cell structures in any part of the body is called a tumor. However, these meringue or tissue fragments are not always fatal. Malignant ones are usually found in cancer types. Benign ones should be under the supervision of a doctor. These glands or tissues, which can also occur in the brain cavities, are manifested by symptoms that reduce the quality of life. Cells proliferating uncontrollably lead to brain tumors. Brain tumors in men are usually malignant. In women, it is seen as benign. Although it is not known exactly what causes the deformations in these cells, scientists believe that the reasons for the deterioration of the cells are; He says that there is an unhealthy diet, excess radiation, environmental pollution, stress, depression and the risk of cancer in family genetics.

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Whether good or bad, when the tumor grows inside the brain, it causes pressure. This leads to compression of other tissues. The basis of the nervous system is located in the brain. These take damage from this jamming. As its function deteriorates, various symptoms develop in the body.

As the pressure increases, the movement decreases.

There is a heavy throbbing stud, usually on the sides of the head.

When the body balance is disturbed, the feeling of vomiting and nausea increases.

Blurred vision and constant unstable dizziness in the eye.

Sudden mood changes exhibit situations similar to personality disorder.

Forgetfulness is experienced in the work that needs to be done in daily life.

There is a decrease in calculating or writing.

Disorders in hormones cause tissue growth in the hands and feet.

The severity and course of symptoms differ between benign and malignant. It is useful to consult a specialist as soon as the symptoms, which are more severe than malignant, are noticed.

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Specialists usually order an MRI after the signs of a breast tumor. After the MRI, the size of the gland or tissue in the brain is checked. Experts can tell from here whether it is benign or malignant. In addition, a few times the growth rate of the gland is checked. Medication is usually given to a standing gland. However, if it has a growing structure, it should be surgically removed. Because the developing structure increases the pressure and symptoms. If it is malignant, it also negatively affects the structure of the brain. The brain tumor is surgically removed. Chemotherapy is then applied so that the cells do not form new tissue. After that, medication and psychological treatment begins. If physical movements are also negatively affected, experts also recommend physical therapy. So it’s not just surgery. Nerves should be strengthened and body movements should be increased. Today, brain tumor surgeries are usually successful. However, the most important reason for reducing the success rate is where the tissue is formed, whether it is good or bad.

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