What caused the death of Kobe Bryant: What is blunt trauma? How about blunt trauma?

The forensic report of Kobe Bryant, who died in a plane crash in the past months, has been announced. The blunt trauma in the report was a matter of curiosity. We have searched for you about the blunt trauma that caused Bryant’s death. So what is blunt trauma? How about blunt trauma?

The health problem experienced by the sudden and severe impact of the body is called blunt trauma. Blunt trauma became the subject of curiosity when the famous basketball player Kobe Brynat, who lost his life as a result of a helicopter crash, was included in the forensic medicine report for the first time in the community. This trauma, which is experienced as a result of the body being physically exposed to heavy blows, causes death or a long-term guinea pig. Blunt Trauma is actually force trauma. In other words, it happens when the body sees rapid and strong successive blows. It includes conditions such as bone fractures, lacerations, abrasions and excessive bleeding. This form of trauma is usually seen in the USA. Blunt trauma is not a common health problem. It is rarely seen as a result of major accidents.

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Blunt trauma, which is seen when the body experiences more than one complication at the same time, occult bleeding that spreads rapidly from the organs to the tissues, and as a result of this bleeding, the functionality of the internal organs ends. Because a sudden blow increases the severity of bleeding inside the body. When the functions of organs that try to control bleeding, such as the spleen, are impaired, all organs are adversely affected. For this to happen, it must not be a simple blow, but a heavy and severe blow. Blunt Traumas are also seen in cases such as falling from a height. The body takes a blow without noticing it with the effect of external pressure. This causes damage to the internal organs. The reason why some organs are damaged quickly is because they are sensitive.

For example, the stomach and intestines are among the most sensitive organs. This is why high jumps often cause health problems such as stomach bursts. Gastric blast also includes blunt trauma. As a result of falling from a height, severe skeletal damage occurs in the body that suddenly crashes to the ground. By breaking the bones, both the movement control center is lost and damage to other organs. Blunt traumas are rarely seen in traffic accidents. The risk of bone fracture and internal organ explosion is high in a person who suddenly falls to the ground as a result of being hit by a car. In recent studies, mild blunt traumas can be seen in motorcycle accidents.

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