What are the ways to stay fit at home during quarantine? Simple exercises to do at home…

To prevent the coronavirus epidemic, experts emphasize that the disease will end in a short time by staying at home and maintaining social distance. That’s why many companies have switched to working from home. In this process, experts recommend that people pay more attention. Otherwise, different diseases may occur. So what are the ways to stay fit at home during the quarantine? Simple exercises to do at home…

The Kovid 19 virus, which affected the whole world, caused the death of approximately 1 million people. The virus, which emerged in China and seen in all countries within a month, starts with flu symptoms and suddenly causes respiratory failure and causes death. Countries have taken measures for this virus, which is considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Social distancing had to be reduced to prevent the virus, which is rapidly transmitted from person to person through the air. Therefore, while quarantine was applied to certain regions, curfews were imposed on some age groups. At the same time, some companies have directed their staff to work from home. Thus, social distance and the number of people outside were reduced. However, some experts also warned about the health of people who are in the process of quarantine and isolation at home. Experts, who especially warned about nutrition and exercise, stated that otherwise, different diseases will be prepared. Inactivity of the body negatively affects both immunity and metabolism. When irregular eating and insomnia are added to this; obesity, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, bone and muscle disorders can be experienced.

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– The first rule of staying fit at home is regular sleep. Going to bed on time has a positive effect on brain functions. This ensures that the nerve cells work more healthily. Sleep, in particular, reduces the risk of experiencing mental illnesses. Increases concentration. For those working at home, this is a must. Staying in the same environment constantly causes problems in the mental state of the person. During this period, experts also underline that one should not sleep and work in the same environment at home all the time.

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Another way to stay fit is nutrition. But in an accurate and timely manner. Get enough sleep. Morning exercise done. Now it’s time for a green breakfast. Foods containing plenty of fiber and antioxidants should be consumed to keep immunity and digestion strong against viruses and bacteria. The more useful antibodies in the immune system, the faster the virus will be recovered, experts say. Walnuts, which are rich in omega-3, and tomatoes, which are rich in lycopene, that is, antioxidants, should be consumed in abundance. Other nutrients that are most beneficial for the body are cress, milk and dairy products. Cress provides easy removal of toxins in the body and regulates digestion. Milk and dairy products should also strengthen the bone and muscle structure and increase the body’s resistance.

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Water is the most essential nutrient the body needs. Therefore, at most, 3 liters should be drunk during the day, especially during virus outbreaks. Water and the amount of fluid consumed during the day should not be confused with each other. The liquid taken into the body does not meet the need for water. It needs water to carry oxygen in the blood. Organs need water to perform their enzyme functions. Most importantly, when the immune system produces antibodies against viruses, body temperature rises, which damages nerve cells. This can also lead to serious illness. Therefore, one of the indispensable elements of staying fit is water consumption.


Every morning, even if it is half an hour, exercise should be done on the balcony, on the terrace or by opening the window to the fullest. This should be applied twice a day, dividing it into 15 minutes. The body should be relaxed for a total of 1 hour during the day. The most common moves are: while standing, raise both arms up and open them backwards, then move the body from the waist to the right and left. You should bend over and stand up so that your hands touch your toes. The legs should be crossed to both sides and this time should be turned to the right and left in this position. After stretching, the legs should be moved as if you were riding a bicycle by lying on your back. In order to exercise the abdominal muscles, the head should be lifted and tilted while the legs are pulled towards the abdomen in the supine position. You can do these practices by counting 10 times in yourself.

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