What are the ways to have a balanced diet in Ramadan? What should be considered in sahur and iftar?

One of the ways to get through the month of Ramadan, which coincides with long days, is nutrition. This habit is important for the immune system. The immune system should also be strong against the coronavirus, which has caused deaths in recent months. That’s why experts warned about a balanced diet in iftar and sahur, which are the most important times in this month. So what are the ways to have a balanced diet in Ramadan?

The two most important elements for human health are water and nutrition. These elements should not be ignored in order to obtain a healthier body against viruses. Otherwise, it prepares the ground for serious diseases. Experts state that there should be three meals a day and two snacks filled with fruits. He emphasizes that in total, approximately 2.5 liters of water consumption is beneficial. However, in some periods, the body needs rest and purification. The month of Ramadan is also an important opportunity for this. However, when the child is not fed at the changing meal times and times during Ramadan, it can cause diseases. That’s why experts underline the importance of iftar and sahur in this process, which falls into two meals.

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prof. Dr. Sevinç Yücecan made suggestions for a healthy and balanced diet for sahur and iftar. Yücecan emphasized that sahur time is especially important. “It is also inconvenient to fast by eating something light before getting up or going to bed. As a result of being hungry for a long time, symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, inattention, sleepiness, irritability may develop and work efficiency may decrease. A long fasting period can also increase stomach acid secretion and cause various digestive system complaints such as indigestion, bloating, heartburn, etc. Therefore, milk, which is absorbed more slowly in sahur than other foods, raises blood sugar more slowly and creates a feeling of fullness more than other foods. , cheese, yoghurt, eggs, fibrous foods and meals consisting of these foods should be consumed.he said.

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Reminding that some foods should be paid attention to in sahur, which is the meal that keeps the body resistant all day long, Yücecan “Excessive salty foods and drinks, such as pickles, salty buttermilk, heavy desserts, and pastries, are the types of foods that make people thirsty throughout the day, so it is better not to eat them at sahur. We can also consume 4-5 walnuts or 10 to 15 almonds and hazelnuts instead of olives, as they will increase thirst. “Spicy and spicy foods that stimulate the stomach should also be avoided. Consumption of legumes and foods with high carbohydrate content alone is not suitable for sahur.”continued with his words.

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After hunger and thirst throughout the day, there are some points to be considered at the time of iftar, that is, when breaking the fast. Filling the stomach suddenly and not moving afterward upsets the balance of the body. Yücecan explained that in order not to cause health problems, it is necessary to break the fast with light foods, such as olives, cheese or dates, and then drink soup and consume water. The specialist doctor said that sugary and carbohydrate foods that will increase blood pressure should be avoided at this meal. Underlining that a balanced diet would be beneficial whenever possible, Yücecan recommended foods such as red meat, white meat and greens that the body needs. In addition, the doctor said that foods without trans fat should be consumed. He reminded that otherwise, there may be health problems that will pave the way for cardiovascular diseases in this process.

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