What are the unknown benefits of white cabbage? From brain health to bones…

Cabbage, which is the crown of the winter month, is known to regulate digestion because it contains high fiber. Pickles made from white cabbage, which can be consumed in a variety of ways, strengthen immunity. What are the benefits of white cabbage? Also what happens if you eat regular sauerkraut? Here you can find the answers to all these questions in the details of our news.

White cabbage, originating from Asia and the Mediterranean, is one of the plants that grows easily in tropical climates. This nutrient, which belongs to the broccoli cabbage and cauliflower family, is grown from fertile soils and carries all the vitamins and minerals found in the soil. White cabbage, which is also included in cruciferous vegetables, is the number one food of the digestive system, especially thanks to the dietary fiber it contains. Cabbage, which has been consumed as food for years, has been used by ancient people in many areas. Thanks to its antibacterial content, the leaves were boiled and wrapped around the wounds instead of cloth so that the soldiers’ wounds heal faster. At the same time, women used cabbage as a raw material for their beauty.

Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, cabbage, which is often pickled and cooked, is very effective in strengthening immunity against diseases experienced especially in winter months. Studies have shown that pickles made from white cabbage have a probiotic effect. Thanks to garlic and vinegar, the benefit of cabbage increases 3 times.


  • The most effective for brain health is vitamin K. This vitamin prevents the cells in the brain from being damaged. In addition, since it is an effective vitamin in preventing age-related brain diseases, experts recommend that foods containing this vitamin be consumed regularly in every period. The most effective food in terms of this vitamin is cabbage, because 150 grams of cabbage meets 65 percent of the body’s daily need for vitamin K.
  • In another study, it was observed what are the effective foods that fight cancer cells. It has been observed that the most effective nutrient in reproducing the cells that strengthen the immune system by activating the body is again cabbage. However, the research focused on sauerkraut. Because sauerkraut contains both garlic and vinegar, it is more beneficial. It is especially effective in destroying tumor cells that cause colon, lung, breast and cervix cancers.
  • Cabbage, which is rich in glutamine, which is the most effective pain reliever, also fights infection. It is effective in the throat and eye area, which is the most sensitive for infection. It relieves irritation, allergies and joint pains in a short time. Experts emphasize that, especially for rheumatism and joint pain, when cabbage is boiled, garlic is wrapped between it and tied with such a clean piece of cloth, which relieves the pain in a short time. On the other hand, when the regular juice of the pickled cabbage is consumed, it removes all the edema that may cause pain from the body.

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  • Experts state the importance of consuming pickles at an early age in order to prevent eye and bone diseases that occur in later ages. In particular, it prevents the formation of cataracts by preventing degeneration in the eye. In addition, the most effective method in bone fractures is cabbage boiled with bone water. This water both strengthens the bones and supports the rapid fusion of the bone.
  • Deformations in the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and intestines in the digestive system cause serious health problems. The main factor in experiencing these problems is fatty and carbohydrate foods. Such foods can be toxic in these places and cause ulcers, reflux and even cancer. The most natural way to reduce this risk is pickles. According to herbal experts, the vitamins and minerals in sauerkraut and juice should be consumed regularly, as they renew the cells in the digestion and protect them against harmful bacteria. In addition, since it is a strong antioxidant, it easily removes all harmful cells in the body through urine and defecation.

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