What are the unknown benefits of prickly figs? How to consume prickly figs?

The prickly fig, which is sold on the market stalls in Adana, has many benefits, from lowering cholesterol to regulating digestion. At the same time, prickly figs, which help the development of bones, are among the foods that strengthen the immune system. So what are the unknown benefits of prickly fig? How to consume prickly figs?

The prickly fig, which grows on cacti called mother-in-law, whose homeland is in North America, is called Prickly pear or Indian shape. The juicy part of the prickly fig, which has thorns on its surface, is consumed. It is available in orange, yellow, red and purple colors. In our country, the prickly fig, which is common in the Mediterranean region, has more than one name. Shovel nut, shoe fig, kilis fig and babusta are among these. Jam, fruit pulp and Turkish delight are made from prickly figs, which are often preferred in alternative medicine. Apart from that, the oil obtained by pouring the extract is the most common among aromatic oils. The shells are dried and tea is made. It has a distinctive smell and taste. However, it is a very troublesome fruit to eat directly. It is also difficult to collect. It is referred to as opuntia ficusindica in the scientific literature. Cactus trees, which start to bloom in March and June, produce mature fruits towards summer and autumn. It contains high levels of vitamins K, A, E and C.

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Prickly figs, which are rich in antioxidants, thus support the strengthening of the immune system. Prickly figs, which increase the body’s protection shield against viruses and bacteria, provide healing in a short time.

Consuming one prickly fig a day, it helps to stay energetic and fit throughout the day. It reduces the possibility of experiencing mental problems such as stress and depression.

– By providing the body’s most needed potassium support, it prevents the formation of cardiovascular diseases. It also balances blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

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– According to the researches, prickly figs, which contain high fiber, strengthen the stomach and intestinal functions and provide the separation of nutrients. It prevents the formation of constipation. It can be consumed by dieters as it provides satiety for a long time.

It is one of the foods that diabetics can easily consume. Thanks to natural insulin, it balances sugar in the blood.

Prickly fig, which is effective against increasing viral and flu-infected diseases in winter, cleans the inflamed sputum caused by the respiratory tract.

NOTE: It is not recommended to consume excessively, otherwise this beneficial food may cause excessive diarrhea.

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Jam is usually made from prickly figs, which are peeled around by wearing gloves. Apart from that, it can be passed through a juicer and consumed as fruit juice. Prickly figs, which are generally recommended to be consumed cool in the summer months, are recommended to be divided and boiled in the winter months.

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