What are the unknown benefits of plantain? What does plantain and thyme mixture do?

Plantain, which should be consumed in all seasons, summer and winter, has many benefits for human health. It especially helps in getting rid of edema. So what are the unknown benefits of plantain? Do you know what a mixture of plantain and thyme, which has been used in medical treatments for centuries, works? We have researched for you what is curious about plantain and plantain and thyme mixture.

Plantain grass, also known as venipuncture, wound grass, boiled grass, and diaper rash, grows in wetlands. This herb, which blooms in July and August, prevents disease all year long when consumed beforehand. It contains allantoin, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, silicic acid, flavones, tannins, vitamins C and K. Among the people, plantain is usually consumed during stomachaches and ailments such as dry cough. This herb is used as a raw material in the cosmetics and ice cream industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It is stronger than linden against upper respiratory tract diseases. Plantain, which is frequently used in alternative medicine, cleans the immune system thanks to its inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


  • It is used in the natural treatment of serious skin diseases such as abscesses, boils and tangles that occur due to various reasons.
  • The reason why this herb is called wart grass in some regions is good for skin damage such as warts.
  • Parasites accumulating in the intestines cause the formation of stones and sand after a while. In addition, experts recommend this herb tea to get rid of these parasites that cause gas pains from the body. It removes these parasites from the body through the urine.
  • It is especially good for upper respiratory tract diseases, which are frequently experienced between October and February. When consumed regularly from September, it protects immunity against diseases throughout the winter.
  • The tea of ​​this herb, which is also consumed to relieve ailments such as cough, phlegm, bronchitis, and shortness of breath, softens the chest and supports getting rid of the ailments without being damaged.
  • As a result of researches on uterine and uterine cancer, which has increased in recent years, it has been seen that it has a healing effect.
  • It is also used for calluses, diaper rash and insect bites.
  • By preventing vascular occlusion that causes heart diseases, it balances the blood level and reduces the risk of sudden stroke and stroke.
  • This herb, which can be easily used by diabetics, should be used under expert control.
  • You can also use the water prepared with plantain as a tonic in the treatment of acne and inflammatory acne.

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Plantain should be prepared by brewing, not by boiling. Add two pinches of dried plantain to the pre-boiled 3 glasses of water. You can consume it after infusing for 15 minutes.


Plantain and thyme show almost the same properties. Therefore, when mixed and consumed, it becomes a very strong pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. These herbs, which are frequently used in Anatolian lands, both heal diseases and prevent diseases. At the same time, this mixture, which has one-to-one benefits for skin health, prevents wrinkles and aging. It prevents acne and acne formation by accelerating blood circulation. When applied to the face as a tonic, it removes the stains on the skin surface and tightens the pores. In addition, thanks to flavonoids and luteolites, it protects the DNA of cells and prevents them from being mutated. In this way, it prevents the emergence of cancer diseases. It relieves dry cough left after upper respiratory tract diseases. It removes the toxins accumulated in the liver and lungs through the urinary tract. Thanks to the strong vitamin K they contain, it strengthens bones and muscles. This mixture, which is strong in balancing nerve cells, relieves depression and stress and is also good for fatigue during the day. Toxins remaining in the intestines after food predispose to serious diseases. The mixture also removes the parasites that accumulate in the intestines.

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One tablespoon of dried thyme

One tablespoon of dried plantain

3 glasses of water

Add thyme and plantain to the boiling water. After waiting for five minutes, strain and consume. If you wish, you can add a teaspoon of honey or lemon into it.

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