What are the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency? What foods contain vitamin B12? Benefits of Vitamin B12

We have searched for you everything that is curious about vitamin B 12, which is one of the types of vitamins that the body needs most. People who are deficient in vitamin B 12, which provides many benefits from blood formation to more functional functioning of the brain nerves, also invite many diseases. So what are the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency? What foods contain vitamin B12? What are the benefits of vitamin B12 for the body? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

B12, which is one of the vitamins that the body does not produce but needs the most, is one of the most complained deficiencies today. B12, which is one of the additional vitamin supplements that pregnant women should take, is an indispensable vitamin for the formation of DNA structure and the nervous system. Vitamin B12 found in animal foods is the most common deficiency in people who do not consume meat and chicken. B12 deficiency, which paves the way for three basic disorders such as anemia, neurological and mental disorders, can cause more serious disorders if not treated on time. Vitamin B12, which can be synthesized by bacteria in the intestines and dissolved in water, supports the proliferation of red blood cells in the body.

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In order for the intestines to work more functionally, the number of flora must be balanced. It needs vitamin B12 in it. It supports faster dissolution of nutrients. Thus, it paves the way for diseases such as constipation, diarrhea or intestinal knotting.

Cells in the nervous system, which cover almost every part of the body, need vitamin B12 for healthier communication. When nerve cells do not provide regular conduction, disruptions occur in the motor and brain functions of the person. This causes an increase in mental depression such as stress, fatigue and depression.

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The deficiency of vitamin B12, which is necessary to increase the resistance of the immune system against viruses and bacteria, causes continuous upper respiratory tract diseases.

The main symptoms are hair loss, nail breakage and skin pallor. As we mentioned above, when B12, which supports the regeneration of nerve cells, is lacking, it prepares the ground for the weakening of the cells. It causes rapid wrinkling and aging.

When B12, which is necessary in the body’s energy, is reduced, the person feels sick and tired all the time, even if he does nothing during the day.

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In some people, B12 deficiency causes a fever. Rapidly working sweat glands cause diseases such as late sweating.

Forgetfulness, lack of concentration also cause conditions such as constant tingling and increased burning sensation in the hands and feet.

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It makes digestion work better.

It strengthens the uterus and ovaries, increasing the probability of getting pregnant.

It quickly renews cells to prevent aging and wrinkles.

It strengthens immunity.

It prevents the occurrence of diseases such as forgetfulness and fatigue by increasing the nerve cells in the body.

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The most effective foods in meeting the body’s daily need for vitamin B12 are seafood. Especially salmon fish is the most effective of these species. Experts emphasize that by consuming fish products at least twice a week, the lack of vitamins, which is the body’s basic need, will be eliminated.

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In terms of vitamin B12, which is more abundant in animals, it is especially found in the lungs. Experts state that when an average person consumes 100 grams of liver other than meat daily, this deficiency will be compensated in excess.

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Cheese, which contains a lot of vitamin B12, is a complete calcium and potassium store. Likewise, yogurt is among the foods that make up for this deficiency. Since milk is not recommended to be consumed frequently due to the lactose allergy structure it contains, it can fill this gap with its processed form.

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In addition, vitamin B12, which is high in animal foods, is found only in mushrooms as plants. This deficiency can be eliminated with a daily plate of mushrooms.

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