What are the symptoms of varicose disease? If you are looking for non-surgical treatment…

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Depending on the progression of age, all the curious questions about the symptoms of varicose disease treatment, as many reasons, from the diet to Dr. Mustafa Saygin replied. Varicose Disease is one of the diseases that becomes a bigger problem as it progresses. Varicose veins, also known as vein enlargement, can cause complaints such as pain, swelling or cramps in the legs, as well as deteriorating the aesthetic appearance.

Varicose veins can be of various intensities and degrees, just like in earthquakes. Although surgery comes to mind first when it comes to the treatment of varicose veins, the most preferred method in the treatment of varicose veins is now the procedures performed with non-surgical and robotic techniques. The most important task of the veins in the body is to ensure that the blood flow is towards the heart, thanks to their valves. Otherwise, the blood moves downwards with the effect of gravity and this causes varicose disease.
Dr. We asked Mustafa Saygın.

What are the Symptoms of Varicose Disease?

The most important symptom of varicose veins is pain and swelling due to enlargement of the veins and back leakage of blood. Green, blue and puffy veins develop on the leg, brown spots occur in the ankle area, and even wounds on the wrist can be opened. At the same time, problems such as numbness, itching and cramps in the legs can also be seen. These problems, which are more common at night, also bring skin thickening and darkening of the color. Varicose veins, which seem harmless in the long term, can actually cause many problems.

Many of our patients care about this situation and unfortunately, it is difficult to reach the emergency services because of the clotting in the lungs. Therefore, it is important to treat it before it is too late. Operator Doctor Mustafa Saygin “ Now, we apply surgical treatment in varicose disease in very few of our patients and if we have to. Glue Therapy, Laser therapy, Radio frequency therapy and sclerotherapy are the most common treatments and all these treatments take 10 minutes and our patients can get up and walk right after the procedure.” says.

What are the Varicose Veins Treatment Methods? Which Method Is Most Used?

When the necessary detailed ultrasound examination is performed by the doctor who is experienced in varicose veins and will perform the procedure, it is determined that there is more than one type of varicose problem in one leg. Laser Glue treatment is the most popular and up-to-date varicose treatment technique for all different varicose veins detected as a result of this vein mapping. In laser glue treatment, a small area on the skin is anesthetized and laser energy and glue are given by entering the vein to be treated with the help of a thin cannula without pain or pain.Thus, the enlarged vascular areas are treated by drying.

As a result of a procedure like 5 minutes for each vein, our patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day by walking. Basically, the vein, which was removed from the body by surgery in the past, deeply affected the healing process and psychology of our patient. However, thanks to the latest robotic and technological treatments, our patients can continue their lives with the same comfort on the day of the procedure. There is no need for any cutting, stitching or anesthesia application.

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