What are the symptoms of sunstroke? Ways to avoid sunstroke

With the onset of the summer months, the suddenly rising temperature negatively affects some complications of the body. Experts especially warn about some time intervals during the day. The probability of sunstroke increases when you go outside during these hours. So what are the symptoms of sunstroke? We have researched for you the ones who are curious about sunstroke, which will be experienced frequently in the summer months.

When the body is exposed to long and intense sun rays and heat, the temperature rises suddenly. As the temperature increases, the sweat glands increase the production of fluid so that the organs are not damaged. It tries to balance the body’s temperature. However, although this situation seems protective, it regulates the healthy complications of the body. Especially between 12:00 and 14:00 in the afternoon, the sun’s rays are more steep. Experts warn that especially those with chronic diseases, the elderly and children should not be outside during these hours. Experts warn about sunstroke, which causes serious fatal diseases such as heart attack and brain hemorrhage, to go out in the morning or in the evening. In addition, in the event of sunstroke, which disrupts the body’s fluid balance; construction workers, bakery workers, glaziers as well as holidaymakers and people who play sports outdoors are also at risk.

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Increased sunburn on the skin

Weakness and severe dizziness

Increased muscle cramps, contractions in arms and legs,

drowsiness, drowsiness and loss of consciousness,

Decreased sweating rate,

Doubling or doubling of body temperature,

Nausea, vomiting and fainting

– It manifests itself with symptoms such as bruising of the skin color.

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In hot weather, prefer to wear white and cotton thin clothes.

Take care not to go out between 11:00 and 14:00, when the sun’s rays are perpendicular to the earth. However, if you go out, use a hat, umbrella and sunglasses.

Increase water consumption. But do not drink very cold water. Because the risk of flu infections increases in hot weather.

Avoid jobs with a lot of physical activity or do them in the evening.

Stay away from fatty-carbohydrate foods and acidic beverages during high temperature hours.

Take a warm shower often and change your underwear.

When the temperature is high, it is beneficial to consume fruits and vegetables with high liquid content.

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The first intervention in case of sunstroke is the application of cold water compressors. The conscious patient can be given sugar or salt water. To avoid cramping, the arms and legs should be massaged with ice packs. Pouring cold water on the neck of the patient and smelling mint at the same time helps both refresh and relax.

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