What are the symptoms of scattered brain syndrome? Who gets scattered brain syndrome?

The idea of ​​being perfect exists in almost every employee. Even though this situation may seem ordinary, it can lead to a serious psychological illness. In addition to the advantages of the modern age, there are also disadvantages. Psychological diseases are one of these deficiencies. The increasing discomfort in recent days is scattered brain syndrome. So what are the symptoms of scattered brain syndrome? Who gets scattered brain syndrome?

While it is normal to want to take on multiple responsibilities and excel in the workplace, experts emphasize that this causes serious illness. One of them is the scattered brain syndrome. The person exposed to the syndrome is not aware of it. The patient, who has the desire to train his own business and to help others, falls into a mental depression after a while. In fact, it is the mental states that trigger or advance the disease. In addition, the physical deformation of the nervous system also triggers the discomfort. American Judi Wineland made very interesting statements about the disease. Wineland, the owner of a giant company, is not satisfied with the information exchange and messaging transferred to computers with the development of technology. However, the famous businessman cannot hide his surprise when he sees that his young employees are very happy with this situation and that they send both e-mails and messages at the same time. Emphasizing that this is a very tiring job, the famous businessman says that doing more than one job will disrupt his mental balance as well as his motivation. Sandra Bond Chapman, MD, founder of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas He also confirms this in his research. Chapman emphasizes that this style of work limits one’s abilities and creativity. In addition, the desire to do more than one job reduces the person to the desire to do everything perfectly after a while. Although very rarely, the person may become suicidal when they cannot cope with the work.

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Since the person feels busy all the time, he feels not rested even when he needs to rest.

The next day, he experiences low work efficiency. It feeds sporadically when trying to raise it. This weakens the immune system.

He repeats mistakes constantly and sometimes tries to finish the job without caring about the mistakes he made.

He feels under anxiety and stress, which causes crying attacks from time to time. He stays away from socializing because he thinks that the psychological event he is experiencing is not due to his business life, but to his personal life. And it gets lonely over time.

Shows sudden movements and depressive attitudes in society. It constantly checks its notifications.

He lives unaware of what is going on around him, as he is intensely focused while doing work.

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Avoid all events that will remind you of work outside of work.

Don’t talk about work during breaks during the day

Environments should be created to focus on personal needs

Turn off technological devices such as phones, tablets or computers on work-related issues.

Must travel somewhere to motivate himself

Avoid talking about work outside of work by letting people know when and when to reach you

The phone should not be left on the table while eating. The mental problem experienced with these situations should be tried to be minimized.

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