What are the symptoms of Quasimoda syndrome, leading to suicide?

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Quasimoda syndrome, also known as “Body Dysmorphic Disorder”, named after the character of Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, means that a person finds faults that do not exist in himself and therefore feels very uncomfortable. So, what kind of thoughts do people with this syndrome have and what dimensions can the disease reach? Here is what we researched for you about Quasimodo syndrome.

Seeking Flaws in Front of the Mirror

The person constantly examines himself in front of the mirror, and because he is uncomfortable with his appearance, he compares himself with others or constantly gets comments about the area he does not like, and applies to surgical clinics to have plastic surgery.

Obsessions Can Reach Suicide

These patients, who constantly examine themselves, make themselves believe that they are ugly and become obsessed with the areas they find defective. These obsessive thoughts can even lead to suicide.

Social Media Can Affect Badly

These individuals, who make themselves believe in the thought of “I am an ugly person” and lower their self-confidence, tend to find fault in their faces. Today, the understanding of beauty that has become completely different with social media and the uniform appearance of people can trigger this syndrome in young people. The person’s quality of life may decrease and he may close himself at home.

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