What are the symptoms of lung cancer? Is there a treatment for lung cancer? To prevent lung cancer…

Smoking is the most triggering condition for lung cancer, which is in the top five in the list of diseases that cause the most deaths in the world. It is experienced by the deformation of the cells in the lung chambers that cannot clear the excess nicotine. So what are the symptoms of lung cancer? Is there a treatment for lung cancer? What should be done to prevent lung cancer? We have added everything that is curious about the increasing lung cancer in the detail of the news for you.

Lung cancer occurs when cells in the lungs multiply rapidly due to various reasons and cause tumors. Since this type of cancer does not have definitive symptoms like other cancers, its progression and damage rate increases. Most patients realize the disease in the last stage. Another danger in lung cancer is that although it is far away, it causes deformed cells to spread to the brain, bones and liver through the circulatory system. Lung, which is the most common type of cancer worldwide, occurs equally in men and women. If not diagnosed early, it results in death. Since the symptoms in the first stage progress in the same course as severe asthma and bronchitis, most patients do not think that it may be cancer, so it is delayed to consult a specialist. The most distinctive feature of lung cancer is coughing up blood. The reason for the blood coming is that the damaged vessels accumulate blood here, which causes it to come out of the mouth through the air spaces.

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Severe pain in the chest when laughing, crying, talking fast, or walking

Having frequent shortness of breath at a young age

Feeling of hunger and weight loss due to nicotine circulating in the body

Persistent painful contraction of the vocal cords, difficulty swallowing or yawning

Unexplained swelling and pain in the hands and feet, especially when waking up in the morning

Slow motor skills and inability to move quickly

recurrent infectious diseases malaise

Pupil shrinkage, droopy eyelid and uneven sweating of the face area

A cough that never goes away and coughing up blood are the most common symptoms of lung cancer.

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The lungs of the person who applies to a specialist upon complaints are x-rayed. A biopsy is performed to see if the mass detected in the scan is benign or malignant. With the pathological examination, it is checked whether the cancer is advanced or not in the treatment dimension. When cancer is confirmed as a result of this, treatment is developed in this direction. Radiological examination, birth control, sampling from the chest wall and lymph nodes in the lung are examined. The most common treatment is chemotherapy. However, a number of studies have been carried out today. However, it is a type of cancer that is difficult to treat. That’s why experts emphasize that people should have whole body checks at least twice a year.

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Avoid excessive consumption of substances such as nicotine and caffeine.

Protecting mental health

Not to constantly smell substances with a high acid content

Staying in the same air environment for a maximum of one hour

Lung cancer can be prevented by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

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