What are the symptoms of iron deficiency that causes brittle nails?

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Iron deficiency is an important health problem that occurs in 35% of women and 20% of men in the world. Iron deficiency is defined as the inability to meet the iron requirement in the body for various reasons. The most important cause of iron deficiency is the insufficient consumption of foods containing iron. You can find all the information about iron deficiency in the continuation of our news…

What is iron deficiency (anemia)?

Iron deficiency anemia, known as anemia in the society, occurs due to the transport of oxygen in the structure of red blood cells in the blood and the decrease in the amount of hemoglobin that makes these cells red.

Red blood cells need iron to produce hemoglobin, a protein that enables them to carry oxygen throughout the body. If your body does not have enough hemoglobin, your tissues and muscles cannot get enough oxygen and cannot function effectively.

Iron deficiency symptoms

– Skin pallor
– Weakness in the body, fatigue
– Being out of breath during physical activities
– Brittle hair and nails
– Headache
– Numbness in hands and feet
– state of irritability
– ringing in the ears
– Cracks on the lips and sores on the corner of the mouth
– Concentration disorder
– Hair shedding
– Burning on the tongue
– Sensitivity in the oral mucosa
– depression
– sleep problems
– Unusual cold feeling

Conditions such as palpitations, soil or ice eating, slowed thyroid functions and restless legs syndrome are among the advanced symptoms of iron deficiency.

How is iron deficiency treated?

The exact treatment for iron deficiency varies according to the cause and severity of the condition. In most cases, iron pills are prescribed by the doctor.

In cases where iron malabsorption is a problem, it is possible to give iron intravenously (through a vein). This is also an option in other situations, such as significant blood loss. In the most severe cases, a blood transfusion may be required. If internal bleeding is a cause of the deficiency, surgery may be required

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