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Today, despite the increase in technology and the expansion of drugs, some diseases cannot be prevented. There are still no definite solutions for diseases that invite serious health problems such as iron deficiency. So what are the symptoms of iron deficiency? What foods are iron deficient? We have searched for those who are curious about this important deficiency that causes anemia.

The main cause of anemia, which occurs due to the decrease in hemoglobin values ​​in the blood, is the lack of iron. Hemoglobin gives color to red cells in the blood and carries oxygen throughout the body in the blood. However, when the body cannot absorb iron in a healthy way, serious health problems can occur. Iron deficiency is also frequently experienced during development and pregnancy turns. Emphasizing that iron deficiency, which is frequently experienced today, is caused by not consuming foods containing the necessary amount of iron, experts underlined that unbalanced diets can cause iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is a disease that is more common in women than in men.

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Meat and types that are not consumed in sufficient quantities,

Irregular menstrual periods,

Nutritional deficiency in the developmental age,

Unbalanced levels of hormones in the body,

Deficiency of folic and B-complex vitamins that provide iron absorption,

Consumption of foods high in caffeine

Some drugs block the absorption of iron,

Conditions that develop due to high acidity in the stomach are the conditions that predispose to iron deficiency.


whitening of the skin color,

having trouble sleeping,

Fatigue quickly during body movements,

Weak movements and constant sleepiness

concentration disorder,

Sudden onset of headache and inability of the brain to control body movements,

Tinnitus and constant aphthae on the lip,

Increased breakage due to thinning of the nail structure,

Muscle and bone pains

constantly sick,

It manifests itself with symptoms such as hair loss.

The advanced symptoms of iron deficiency are; In addition to experiencing panic attack-like heart palpitations, restless legs syndrome and slow functioning of the thyroid glands, iron deficiency in children manifests itself with difficulties such as walking, sitting and speaking.

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Foods rich in vitamin C should be consumed in order to increase the absorption of iron in the body so that it does not come out immediately.

Compared to unleavened bread, leavened breads increase iron absorption.

Legumes and bran breads reduce iron absorption.

Aluminum foils, steels and tins also reduce iron absorption.

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dark green vegetables,

Boiled egg should be consumed with orange juice,

Legumes should be cooked in the same pot with red meat,

A handful of foods such as dried apricots, grapes and mulberries should be consumed per day,

When spinach is cooked with eggs, it becomes an iron store,

Conditions such as 2 tablespoons of carob molasses should be consumed before breakfast increases the rate of iron in the body.



The richest food in terms of iron is liver. Experts emphasize that it is beneficial not only in animal liver, but also in other offal. It is recommended that those who suffer from iron deficiency consume this type of food at least 4 times a week.


Experts recommend consuming three tablespoons of carob molasses before breakfast, which eliminates the lack of sea without gaining weight.


Hazelnut, which is the strongest source of energy, is also the strongest source of iron. In addition to increasing the iron substance, it also ensures that it is absorbed and spreads to the body in the right proportion. It especially increases the absorption of iron in the bones and muscles, reducing the possibility of disease here.

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