What are the symptoms of eye pressure (Glaucoma)? Is there a treatment for eye pressure? Cure that is good for eye pressure…

We have compiled for you what you need to know about glaucoma, which is slowly progressing and suddenly appearing without any symptoms, that is, glaucoma in the scientific literature. When eye pressure, also known as black water among the people, is not intervened early, it paves the way for serious health problems. So what are the symptoms of eye pressure (Glaucoma)? Is there a treatment for eye pressure? How to prepare a cure that is good for eye pressure? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news…

As a result of not draining the fluid in the eye and feeding the eye; When the pressure inside the eye rises, glaucoma occurs. This leads to damage to the nerves and loss of vision. In the researches, experts emphasize that eye pressure may have a link with genetics. In addition, people with high vision loss have a disorder in more than one gene, but they are at higher risk of developing this disease. Eye pressure can also occur as a result of serious damage to the eye due to environmental factors. At the same time, goiter and diabetes also increase the risk of developing this disease. People with myopia, those who use cortisone, and people with severe eye inflammation are also likely to have eye pressure. It is difficult to diagnose because the disease occurs together with other diseases. Therefore, detailed examinations are made.


This disease, which progresses insidiously, occurs suddenly in some people because it has a family history.

As the vitamins and minerals in the eye decrease, the fluid ratio changes. This usually happens at an older age. For this reason, it is recommended for older people to have their eye pressure measured frequently.

Cortisone in the drugs used by diabetics affects the fluid ratio in the body as well as the eye. This increases the risk of developing glaucoma.

The thinning of the retina for some reasons paves the way for eye pressure. Especially in people who use lenses but do not take the necessary eye care, the rate of eye pressure rises.

Congenital or congenital loss of vision can also cause blood pressure.

Intraocular inflammation causes obstruction of the eye ducts. When the necessary interventions are not made, hypertension occurs.

A previous serious eye disease can also cause this.

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Severe eye and headaches when you wake up

Increased incidence of blurred vision

Appearance of luminous rings and shapes in the dark,

Redness and tearing

Sudden loss of vision

Low eyelid, i.e. sleepy appearance,

Conditions such as sudden eye cramps while watching television are among the symptoms of eye pressure.


The rate of fluid in the eye that causes pressure is tried to be reduced. When this method, which is tried to be controlled with drug therapy, does not work, the fluid in the eye is drained by surgical intervention. Since it is a relapsing disease, the patient cannot completely get rid of this condition. Since it is an insidious disease, experts strongly recommend that eye pressure be measured annually.

Dr. Feridun Kunak, He also explained that eye pressure can be lowered naturally. Kunak stated that after boiling the rose petal for three minutes and brewing it for three minutes, straining and cooling, the sliced ​​potatoes should be soaked in rose water and applied to the eye, so that it will be good for eye pressure.

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