What are the symptoms of dysmorphophobia (mirror) disease, if you often look in the mirror…

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Dysmorphophobia If you criticize yourself every time you look in the mirror and do not drop the mirror from your hand during the day, attention ‘Dysmorphophobia’ may be after you. What is mirror disease called dysmorphophobia? What are the symptoms of dysmorphophobia (mirror) disease? We, as appleelma.com, have brought together those who are curious about the dysmorphophobia disease, which sounds very interesting!

What is dysmorphophobia (mirror) disease?

Dysmorphophobia (mirror) disease, which is one of the diseases of the modern age, occurs with mental problems. People who do not have any physical discomfort and constantly find a defect in their body by looking in the mirror is called dysmorphophobia. If the mirror disease called dysmorphophobia is not taken under control early, it can cause serious health problems in the person.

The patient hates himself!

People with dysmorphophobia often hate themselves. Even if they change the place they do not like in themselves, this method still does not work and they continue to hate themselves. In one’s mind, the brain has made a habit of hating oneself.

Why does it happen?

Especially in adolescence, this disease is not accepting physical situations due to the change of hormones. Following social media frequently, seeing their own flaws and thinking that everyone else is perfect, causes people who have a lack of interest, those with hormonal disorders, and traumatic events in childhood.

What are the symptoms of dysmorphophobia?

The patient constantly looks in the mirror, tells his own faults, does not want to talk to anyone, constantly talks about his appearance, repeats his excited, stressed and anxious moods, always compares himself with others, finds fault in facial features, puts on exaggerated make-up, always being indecisive when choosing clothes, weak Despite being on a diet, situations such as wanting to diet and wanting to take care during the day are the main symptoms of the disease.

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