What are the symptoms of colon (large intestine) cancer? How is colon cleansing done?

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancer types in the world. So what is colon cancer (large intestine)? What are the symptoms of colon cancer and is there a treatment method? How is colon cleansing done? We have compiled for you what you need to know about colon cancer, which is more common in women than in older people.

The part of the digestive system known as the large intestine is called the colon. Its job is to turn defecation into liquid. It facilitates the operation of the intestines. However, due to various reasons, it loses its functionality. Especially unhealthy diet and consuming foods with low fiber content damage the colon system because it does not provide the vitamins and minerals it needs. As a result of this, it causes knotting and even further cancer. Colon cancer is popularly called colon cancer. The colon, located in the last part of digestion, is located under the spleen in the upper left corner of the abdomen. Some cells entering the body in food and beverages or some cells in the colon region Colon cancer as a result of DNA degradation by genetic and environmental effects it is lived. When diagnosed early, cancerous cells in this area are likely to be cleared with drugs. However, when it is noticed late, it requires surgical operation and negatively affects the healthy flow of digestion. At the same time, these cells progress to the lymph nodes and from there to the liver and lungs due to blood circulation, negatively affecting not only digestion but all organs. Dietary habits, environmental factors and inherited genetic characteristics affect colon cancer the most.

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Irregular weight loss and excessive fat carbohydrate diet

Inflammation of the intestines and the digestive cells in the intestine not working properly

Digestive problems with age

Those who are constantly constipated

Cancerous cells that have appeared before in the family history

As a result of harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol increase the number of free radical cells in the body, it paves the way for the emergence of colon cancer.

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Disruption in toilet habits

Difficulty in digestion in the intestines

Constant pain in the left part of the intestine and abdomen

Pain during defecation and even blood flow in the future

It manifests itself with conditions such as loss of appetite, weakness, headaches and constant pain in the stomach.

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Diagnosing cancer takes a lot of time. Because all the symptoms are the same as the symptoms of some diseases, the patient does not first think that it is caused by cancer. However, after seeing a specialist doctor, the doctor examines the blood from the stool. Then, colon radiography and computer tomography are taken. After the laboratory test performed by taking a sample from the intestine, endoscopic examinations are performed for the definitive diagnosis.


After all these researches, the doctor starts to apply treatment options according to the stage of the cancer. Drug therapy is used in cancer in the early stages. In the second stage, chemotherapy is generally preferred to prevent the spread of the disease. For colon cancer in the last stage, surgical method is applied.

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It is beneficial to prefer fibrous foods in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in nutrition. Fiber is a natural remedy for the intestines.

Regular exercise and increasing water consumption also prevent laziness for the colon. As the colon, the intestinal system, becomes lazy, the functionality of the cells decreases.

It is necessary to consume beneficial acids to prevent inflammation of the intestines. For example, apple juice is the most effective among beneficial acids. Apart from this, plum and lemon juice are also effective. However, excessive consumption during the day leads to the so-called stomach or intestines. So a glass of apple juice will be enough during the day.

Consuming foods high in calcium strengthens colon cells. By increasing its functionality, it prevents cells from becoming lazy.

By consuming foods such as tuna, mackerel, milk and cornflakes, vitamin D deficiency in the body is tried to be eliminated.

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One organic apple

Organic half lemon

One teaspoon of ginger powder

a teaspoon of sea salt

Extract the juice of the apple and lemon thoroughly. Put it in a bowl and put the ginger and sea salt in it. Add half a glass of hot water. Boil on the stove for 5 minutes. Take it and wait 10 minutes and strain it. Consume in the morning on an empty stomach, 2 hours before meals in the evening.

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