What are the symptoms of anemia, if you have pale eyelids…

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Everyone knows how important early diagnosis is in diseases. As in every disease, early diagnosis is very important in anemia, which we call anemia. With the increase in the feeling of cold, which is known as the biggest symptom of anemia, we can say ‘I have anemia for sure’. However, another way to tell if you have anemia before things get to that point is through the eyes! Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Instructor Member Fatih Atmaca said, “There is a very simple way to understand anemia: Gently pull your lower eyelid down. If it looks paler than normal; It may indicate anemia, which affects one out of every two women in Turkey,” she says. Here’s what you’re wondering about…

Some diseases can be diagnosed by eye. Anemia is one of them. Iron deficiency anemia is an important health problem in Turkey and in the world. Protective measures need to be taken. That’s why early diagnosis is so important.

Pallor of the eyelid skin

The most noticeable symptom of anemia is pallor. Pallor may first be noticed on the skin inside the mouth and eyelids, depending on the severity of the anemia.

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