What are the symptoms and treatment of air conditioner shock? Natural method to air conditioner strike!

Air conditioners or coolers used for cooling in hot weather actually cause serious health problems. The health problem, which is referred to as air conditioner shock in scientific data, increases especially in July and August. This illness, which shows flu problems, puts the daily life of the person into trouble. So what are the symptoms and treatment of air conditioner strike?

There are some complications that occur as a result of unbalanced body temperature in hot weather. In order to prevent this situation, people try to balance their body temperature with cooling devices such as air conditioners. However, experts emphasize that the intervention can cause a condition called air conditioning shock. The air conditioner, which causes health problems when used unconsciously, is usually caused by not being cleaned sufficiently. Since the air conditioner has a machine system, it is quite normal to accumulate bacteria in its content. For this reason, air conditioners, which are used in extreme heat, must be cleaned every two days, experts say. Otherwise, bacteria called legionnaires may settle through the cooling channels of the air conditioner and cause upper respiratory tract diseases. Or the air conditioner, which is used at an extremely cool temperature, disrupts the heat balance of the body. It causes factors that lead to weakening of immunity. This paves the way for some diseases.


Dizziness due to severe headache,

High fever due to unstable weather conditions of body temperature,

Contraction and stiffness in the neck, back, legs and arms,

Compression of the chest while breathing,

It shows itself with symptoms such as limitation in body movements.


It should not be passed directly from a hot environment to a cold environment.

The air conditioner should not be at an angle to hit people.

Air conditioners should be cleaned on a weekly basis.

It should change to 23 or 25 in degrees.

Air conditioners that balance humidity are healthier.

The environment with air conditioners should be ventilated at regular intervals.

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Hot compresses should be applied for neck, arm, leg and back stiffness. For the air conditioner that causes chills, add a pinch of green tea and 2 teaspoons of ginger to 1.5 cups of water and boil it thoroughly. Then consume it by squeezing 5-6 drops of lemon into it. In order to strengthen the weakened immune system, it is also beneficial to consume strawberries, watermelon, peaches and melons in a blender and consume a bowl a day.

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