What are the signs that the immune system is weak? Which foods strengthen the immune system?

The immune system, which weakens due to increased viruses or bacteria during seasonal changes and especially in winter, invites many diseases. We have searched for you, who are curious about immunity, which is the cornerstone of the body. So what are the signs that the immune system is weak? Which foods strengthen the immune system? The answers to all these questions are in the details of the news…

The immune system is likened to the body’s gate of protection. This system controls all bacteria, parasites and cells that enter the body. It does not allow the body to deform by acting against harmful ones. Since this system, which is very sensitive to allergic reactions, is the body’s protection shield, it must store sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. Because when the immune system weakens, the body’s guard against diseased cells falls. He starts to get sick very soon. It even prepares the ground for cancer diseases. However, weakening of immunity is not a visible condition. The weakness of the immune system, which occurs with different symptoms, is the same as the symptoms in some diseases. Therefore, it is useful to consult a specialist as soon as the symptoms show themselves. Otherwise, weakness of the immune system is not a normal health condition as it is thought.

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Recurrent upper respiratory tract diseases,

The spread of the fungal infection on the skin surface and the sensitivity of the skin surface,

Increasing fatigue, which has become a chronic syndrome,

Hand and foot coldness

Decreased complications of functions in body organs,

Inadequate distribution of vitamins and minerals to the body despite regular nutrition,

Increasing infection and bacteria in the mouth cause tumors by mutating healthy cells. Although the mildest symptom is aphthae and herpes, the most severe is cancer.

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Stress hormones work at a high level when the body does not get enough rest. This causes the person to become aggressive and tired. Subsequently, immunity is weakened and resistance to diseases decreases. Experts emphasize that regular sleep is essential for this.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of daily exercise is effective in strengthening immunity. At the same time, these exercises support the secretion of hormones for a good sleep environment.

The most dangerous mental illness is depression. Because depression negatively affects the person’s feeling of restlessness and, as a result, the quality of regular life.

In addition, experts state that some foods should be consumed daily and these foods should be made a habit.

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The most effective food in strengthening immunity is olive. Experts state that thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, olives are good for almost all complications, from cholesterol to blood pressure. In addition, olive, which has a high iron content, strengthens the cells in the immune system that fight harmful bacteria 3 times.

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The alkaline substance it contains is very important for immunity. This substance has the effect of vitamin E in the body, so it helps to strengthen immunity as well as fight diseases. It helps to spend the rest of the day more vigorously by consuming 10 in between meals.


Apart from the allergy effect, the egg meets one hundred percent of the protein the body needs. Experts emphasize that eggs, which are effective from muscle and bone strengthening to brain health, should be consumed regularly. Eggs, which are rich in amino acids, are among the indispensable nutrients for the immune system.

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Polyphenol is the strongest antioxidant found in nature. Since peanuts are very rich in this substance, experts state that they should be consumed regularly but in sufficient quantities. After the allergy test, you can consume a handful every week.

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Being a powerful antioxidant, ginger protects the structure of cells and prevents them from mutating against bacteria and viruses. It strengthens the immune system and increases the body’s resistance. Ginger, which is the ideal food to prevent infections, is even more effective when consumed with yogurt. Peel and wash a piece of ginger and blend it with a small bowl of yogurt. Consume this mixture once a day.

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